Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Flames Game Day

Flames vs. Thrashers, 730PM MT, RSN West (right after the Oilers game)

I gotta admit: I'm basically petrified to write anything positive about the Flames right now.
If I ever write something like, "Wow, is Kipper's groin ever durable!", you have my permission to send a thumb-breaker to find me. I'll also demur on marvelling at how one-dimensional the Thrashers attack looks (comparable to the 2001-02 Flames), and it would probably be unwise to muse that considering they've allowed 7 more goals than they've allowed, they're lucky to be in a playoff spot at all.

So, I will just say that I'm looking forward to seeing the Flames get their ship back together. I'm psyched to see Regehr/Stuart start to develop as a pairing -- the team really needs Regehr to find his mojo, as for most of the season he's been a shadow of his old self.

Calgary 3 (Iginla, Stuart, Primeau)
Atlanta 1 (Kovalchuk from Hossa and Kozlov)

Go Flames.


What's Warriner saying about being dropped down to #5 status?

Warrener is best suited to #5/6 duty anyways. Especially since he's basically a walking injury.

Sutter ADMITTING that giving so many min to the Rocky Dennis/Hammer tandem was hurting the club?

It's fairly self-evident that playing a sophomore 22 year old kid 30 mins a night isn't the best strategy. No matter how Oil-killingly great he may be. So he's basically just stating the obvious.

If I ever write something like, "Wow, is Kipper's groin ever durable!"

Uh, you kinda just did.

MetroGnome said...
Warrener is best suited to #5/6 duty anyways. Especially since he's basically a walking injury.

Man, way to throw one of your best dmen under the bus. Warrener's been taking the tough minutes on that team for 2-3 seasons and now he's "best suited for #5/#6 duty?"

Couldn't you interpret Sutter's admission as basically conceding that one of Hamrlik/Phaneuf was likely going to the bottom pair?

Warrener is hurt, so for the moment it's a non-issue, but I think you're making something out of nothing, or at least very little.

Dion/Hammer are going to continue to get the lion's share of the PP minutes, and will now be needed to carry a bit less of the load at EV.

Warrener -- when he returns -- will be a prime option on the PK and pick up whatever other minutes he's needed for, totalling the same 17-18 per game he's been getting all year and longer.

I'm almost not sure what the question (or controversy) is.

Is it just me or have all the Flames fans disappeared after a few consec losses;)

I've actually been posting more often lately, although I have dropped my tendency to add 'Go Flames!' to the end of every post...

Although I haven't heard from Peter lately...

Some of us have just found alternate venues to also share our collective angst at our team's current slump...

And unlike your Oil, ours is temporary...

By the way, the word is that Ference was giving the Bruins coaching staff a breakdown of your greasers...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot...

Go Flames!

That Regehr-Warrener pairing was not exactly ideal. Regehr admitted to Randy Sportak that he wanted a regular partner who could go up ice. As the article alludes, he probably missed Leopold's puck moving ability more than anyone cared to admit. He and Warrener look slow footed together, particularly on the PK.

Ach, same article you linked to, Matt.

Ahh, now thats some sweet sweet action: the Vaunt get shutout by the worst defensive team in hockey, starting their 7 game roadie with a kick to the balls, while the Flames romp, Iggy gets three points and Huselius' point streak rolls on. Good times!

Craig Simpson's ongoing employment, in light of the Oiler PP, is probably the 2nd-biggest mystery in hockey right now. (#1: Who is the ad wizard who greenlighted that whole Toyota Book of Truck campaign, or rather more importantly, thought it was a good idea to run two of those ads at every whistle?)

Huselius' point streak is now at 1. And Peter's around, don't you worry...

Hey MF:

Keep the baseball format standings coming, they're really starting to grow on me.

Who is the ad wizard who greenlighted that whole Toyota Book of Truck campaign

That much maligned campaign (everyone I know hates it) might actually be effective precisely because it's so incredibly bad. In the gamethread at Calgarypuck yesterday it was actually mentioned and then referenced as a joke throughout. I don't know if it'll help sell Toyota's, but most marketing execs can't ask much more than that.

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