Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Buy Low

**A bit more on the "part luck" element of why the Flames road record is so poor:
Those numbers exclude EN goals and the "shootout winner". Compare to:
That's ridiculous. They've lost 15 more games than they've won, giving up 10 more goals than they've scored. It's almost impossible (even if you exclude the shootout wins against, it's still a -11 Win Diff).

**I Hope They're Not Talking Contract Extension Yet... Brad Stuart has been a Flame for 5 games, the team has allowed six PP goals in those 5 games, and Stuart has been on the ice for all six.

I'm not damning the guy yet, or deciding that AFence is actually the better player (though I think it's possible): however, the prize in that deal so far has been Wayne Primeau. While we've been waiting for Stuart to adjust to a new system, Primeau has stepped in and already become probably the most effective player on the 3rd/4th lines. Kudos to you, Wayne!

**I'm heading out of town tomorrow for a family vacation; I might get a Game Day up in the morning, but probably not. So chew on this: if the Flames were a stock at this moment, they'd be undervalued. Buy Buy Buy. Calgary 2 Phoenix 1 (Iginla, Primeau), San Jose 1 Calgary 4 (Lombardi, Langkow, Huselius, Stuart). Goooooo Flames!


I loved Primeau while he was here. Most people just know him as the "other Primeau", but when he's on your team you really appreciate him and everything he does. I also really liked Brad Stuart, but this whole year he's had trouble. Hate to wish well on the Flames but I really do hope Stuart starts playing better.

Man, I was going to write about the Flames road woes Matt. I agree with you - buy, buy and buy. I'm going to take a look though - it's a pretty amazing difference.

Just sniffing around a bit...PHX is a .500 home team and the Flames are a terrible road team. Dolphin says Calgary should win 60% of the team when in Phoenix. Flames are favoured by the bookies.

Your average hockey fan though? "Flames suck on the road."

Hope it keeps up - Oiler win, Flame loss and they're six back with 2 H2H remaining. Get the miracle in Calgary, the sure thing in Edmonton - 19 games to make up two points. Easy as pie.

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