Monday, January 29, 2007


You're My Only Hope

Favour to ask: could people click on this link today for me? It takes you to my neglected child, The NQ (not hockey related in any way, shape or form). The reason I ask is that the Site Meter counter on the site went nutso on me last week, refusing to measure traffic. It appears to be working again, but I'd like to verify. A surge in traffic, rather than the slow trickle the site receives now, will help me do so. So yes, in this case, I am totally abusing this site to acquire hits for another. And could I just say, once again, how much I loathe the WordPress blog program? Course, Blogger makes me insanely angry, too, but I'm actually starting to prefer it to WordPress. God. You'd really think that completely free programs would be tailor-made to suit all my personal demands, right?


My SiteMeter did the same thing last week too but it appears to have been fixed.

Your other site gets traffic?

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