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Craig Conroy is heading back to Calgary.

Other way: Lundmark, '07 4th-rounder, '08 2nd-rounder.

Cap implications: +700k this season, +2.394M next season

Medium-term implications: Nilson (and probably Ritchie) are almost certainly playing their final seasons in Calgary (Friesen and Amonte were already gonzo). The Flames will have even less flexibility this offseason.

Immediate implications: the Flames are better today than they were yesterday. Langkow, Lombardi, Conroy, and Yelle down the middle is a terrific crew.

Addendum -- updated depth chart is something like this:

Tanguay - Langkow - Iginla
Huselius - Lombardi - Kobasew
Amonte - Conroy - Moss
Nilson - Yelle - Ritchie
(Friesen, McCarty, Boyd, Godard)

Phaneuf - Hamrlik
Regehr - Warrener
AFence - Giordano


Addendum #2: Per Chris!, this probably means (doesn't it?) that the Flames will bow out of the Darcy Tucker Sweepstakes, which suits me. I don't mind Tucker's assholishness [sic!], and he could do nothing but help the Flames' PP. The flip side, though, is that to fit in overall, he'd need to either (A) quickly adjust to becoming a solid two-way EV player or (B) quickly adjust to becoming a role player, and I don't get the impression that he's terribly well-suited to do either.

Andy Update: I said it on CIO, and I'll say it again here: if the Oilers acquire Darcy Tucker, I will seriously consider never cheering for them again. That is how much I dislike the guy.

Okay, I may not stop cheering for them forever, but I'll certainly not cheer for them while he is on the roster. Especially if he's coming in because Kevin Lowe screwed up on signing Ryan Smyth.



Good deal. I hate the Flames but I like Conroy, if that makes sense.

Ritchie? I like that guy.

I really, really hope Conroy can win a face-off. Lord the Flames SUCK at that this year.

Tucker played a role player role for a some time in TO I I'd suspect he could fill that role again. Only thing is with his rediscovered scoring touch, would he be happy being a role player again.

And I'm going to agree with Mike W, Conroy just seems like an easily likable guy.

Is Conroy at this point in his career even better than Lundmark when you consider their salaries?

This pushes Calgary to ~ $42,700,000 on the cap.

For a guy with 15 points and that's signed next year for over $2,300,000?

I like it.

Clearly, the Flames are going for it THIS year, given that Hamrlik is up after this year, and then the summer after that is "decision time" when Iginla/Kipper/Regehr all hit UFA.

The downside is that the western conference is filled with landmines in the form of the Ducks, Predators, and Sharks. And truth be told, as much as this sounds silly, I wouldn't want any part of Vancouver right now in the playoffs. Canucks 2007 could be the equivalent of the Flames in 2004. Luongo is at that level, if not higher.

This way, if they're a middling team next season, they can settle on which of the big 3 isn't in the long-term plans and hold an auction in February 2008 to try and get something in return for either Regehr or Iginla (they won't let Kipper money's on 28 being the odd man out, given the presence of Phaneuf).

They've still got room to tinker a bit more. Another forward, I would assume? Enlighten me, Calgary folks....

I wouldn't want any part of Vancouver right now in the playoffs.

That doesn't sound silly at all!

With Kesler being out for at least the rest of the regular season (1.9 million), I was really hoping the Canucks would have enough space to acquire Conroy (or potentially Gelinas, though I still haven't forgiven him).

Tucker is too much of a loose cannon, and I don't think he'd fit in well with in Calgary's or Vancouver's system (that of sound defense and discipline).

Without a doubt, Calgary is a better team today than they were yesterday.

Ah, Temujin, you are getting sold on Gelinas! Good for you!
Matt, why wouldn't the Flames put Conroy with Iginla right away? Your depth chart suggests otherwise.

Craig Conroy for Sergei Samsonov AND draft picks. Great deal for the Kings.

Zany, note I said I still haven't forgiven him!

I'm not sure I'd want to split up Huselius-Lombardi-Tanguay, after the way they played the other night.

Tucker would expect powerplay time since he has proven to be a pretty good asset but he is the kind of blood and guts player that you need in the playoffs.

He will go through a wall for his team which is why I'd ideally want him to stay in TO but his Sideshow Bob antics that got him so many fans are pretty much a thing of the past. Any team would be lucky to add him.

Any team would be lucky to add him.

No thanx. I've heard rumours about the Oilers acquiring him and Sean Avery, and the idea of either makes me want to vomit.

Tucker's value is inflated. He's only a top 6 forward because the Leafs have nothing on the wings.

He's been shit at even strength. While he's been good on the PP, for that he can thank:
1/ Sundin and Kaberle for their great passing,
2/ McCabe for drawing the right side PKers up high and,
3/ JFJ for keeping good wingers out of town, thus ensuring that Tucker will be on the top PP unit.

A lot of dead wood can be cast off after this season - Amonte, Friesen, McCarty. Some of those will be replaced by cheap contracts from the farm.

If you can get Conroy to sign an extension for a lower amount for the following year then the cap hit is averaged over the remaining term and could make the cap hit much more palatable.

As is is, Lundmark was a non factor and is replaced in the lineup by a guy will come on who can help the woeful PK and put up some 2nd/3rd line minutes. Maybe he can even teach Phaneuf how to talk to the media.

The only real downside is the 2nd round draft pick.

A few moves could be made. Zyuzin has obviously lost the coaching staff's trust, so a better #7 d-man would be nice going into the playoffs. Other than that, I'm not sure there are a lot more glaring holes but additional upgrades wouldn't be out of the question if the right deal came along.

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