Monday, January 29, 2007


Sowing The Seeds Of Glove

In this, the winter of Oil fans discontent, let me be the first to stir up this particular pot of plot: play Jussi Markkanen against Columbus, and stage me a goalie controversy.

Good morning, Edmonton!!!


I don't know how this didn't occur to me until just now.....but I'm not sure I can verbally express just how happy I'd be.

Was I the only one who WASN'T surprised at how good Jussi looked on Saturday? Maybe playing him a few times over Rollie will cause Rollie to step up a bit and look more like he did in the playoffs, no? ;)

One of the many unwritten stories of the '07 season is why Jussi hasn't been given more starts...especially after that very good game vs the Canes back in early or mid Dec. Early on we read the story that suggested that Roli was picking his spots when he wanted a rest and I didn't think that was a good idea. I thought the Oilers would move away from that though once he came back from the xmas break talking about how he was playing too many games. But MacT didn't change the gameplan whatsoever so I'm left to wonder just who's calling the shots.

Playing Jussi on Wed would be more of a good sense move than the start of a controversy. Roli's been scuffling for a long time now and it could be that he needs a mental break just as much as a physical one. I'm just hoping he can get it back because the early season Roli was the playoff Roli, in fact he was probably better than playoff Roli because considering the defense then and now I'd wager that the scoring chances we were allowing were way more dangerous.

Yep, I don't think its so much of a controversy as a smart move. Jussi is a good backup goalie - playing him ten to fifteen games while your starter whose career high is 47 starts and who is wearing down playing behind the Wilkes-Barres Penguins to boot doesn't make good sense.

Jussi should be getting 25 games at least but MacT figures without Roli in net they haven't a chance - hopefully the game Saturday night may give him something to think on.

Ok, but which controversy are we talking about? Giving Roloson a run for #1 goalie, or just playing Markkanen against Conklin?

I still don't get how Roli got so many stars this season for average play while Juicy didn't get one the other night...

As much as I find Markkanen an appealing personality and goaltender (I'm a sucker for underdogs), you must admit he looks extraordinarily unathletic and awkward in goal.

On the other hand, the untold story of the 2006 playoff run is how Markkanen managed to keep the oilers to game 7. And that 4-0 shutout in Game 6 was reMarkkable. *groan*

Ok, but which controversy are we talking about? Giving Roloson a run for #1 goalie, or just playing Markkanen against Conklin?

Shit, I forgot about Conks being back in net in Columbus. That is gonna be awesome. Winters is gonna wet himself in glee.

Simon: Is the unathletic bit because he's barely 6 feet and doesn't currently own sofa pads?

I love Jussi, I love him I love him I love him. I think all the bastards who voted him OUT of the Hot Off deserve a sound beating because - duh - Finns are hot!

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