Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Picking Up My Traktor And Going Home

As if losing to Calgary on Saturday wasn't enough; now Alexei Mikhnov's heading back to Russia. What a week. Some will likely argue that he didn't work hard enough to earn a spot on the roster. My own take is that he wasn't placed in a situation where he could succeed. Then again, that's happening to a lot of prospects in the Oilers organization this year, isn' it?

So long, Traktor Boy. So long...


Thanks for the link, Andy. But you might want to edit it; I corrected the title to Lokomotiv and now the orig doesn't show up.

If the Oil had their own farm team would they have been better able to adapt him to North American Hockey?

For that matter, would Schremp have been benched for 3 games recently if it was an Oiler farm team instead of a Pittsburgh farm team?

The Oilers tidbit that gave me the biggest chuckle was the Smid quote from the all star game. look for that and my take on corvo, AM and the whole fucking up of the sked over on IOF later on tonight.

Plus, we'll also tell you about a popular household item that might turn your kid into a meth addict!!

5 months and he's packing it in already? WHAT A QUITTER!

I don't want any player on the Oil that quits this soon after not getting spoon-fed an NHL job...


Link updated.

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