Saturday, January 13, 2007


A One Car Parade

Judging by their work on the All-Star game, I don't think the NHL could organize one of those either. They couldn't rig their election without people on TEH INTARWEB noticing. And now, it would appear that they failed to select Jarome Iginla and Chris Pronger as All-Stars.

Cripes, how hard is it to just put their names on there, then a little X - Will Not Play. Instead, anyone in the future who examines old All-Star rosters will only be able to assume they were passed over on merit, even though they've probably been the top forward and top defenceman in the conference this season. Jack...Asses.


They were selected. But they were hurt, so they aren't playing. Same with Jagr, apparently. But I agree about indicating it. Just stupid.

Are you sure? I couldn't find that on (this is also the first indication I've heard that Iginla is *definitely* out thru the AllStar break).

Giguere, too.

Oh gee, that's too bad. Who cares?

Yep heard the same thing, they all declined...politely one assumes.

Are you sure?

The Hat said so on The Hot Stove tonight. That's where I got it from. Well, he said the reason they weren't playing was because they were injured. And he said the leage contacted Jagr, so I'd assume they contacted the other two as well.

>"Oh gee, that's too bad. Who cares?"

When discussing Hall of Fame merits or "Who's better?" arguments, X time all-star often comes up.

On the other hand, if selection is as arbitrary as this, perhaps all-star selections have no place in said arguments.

Hall of Fame merits? Is there such a thing?

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