Friday, January 12, 2007


Oilers Game Day-Wild

Important 30 hours in the Northwest Division. Beat Minnesota tonight, and the Oilers Frogger into 3rd in the NW, and 8th in the WC. Beat Minnesota tonight and Calgary tomorrow, and they've Jousted their way to the front of the line in the NW, and 3rd in the WC. Lose one game, or both, and they've Q*berted their way back to the bottom of the pyramid. Lots at stake, you Dig Dug?

Unfortunately, it's two games in two nights. And the Battle of Alberta has been dominated by the home team this year. So it's going to be a rough ride. Steve Staios is still out with the flu, so some rookies are going to have to play their asses off. I'll be keeping my eye on that young Frenchman, Brad Gilbert. He needs to light it up like he used to do with Le National.

Here's a question: if your team has to play two game in two nights, do you want both to be at home, both away, or one of each? I'm going to go with one each. I'd want the first game to be on the road, and the second at home. It's the opposite for the Oilers, this weekend, but it's better than two on the road, and two at home. I don't know why I like two at home least, but I do. Or dislike, and don't. I don't know. I've confused myself. Whatever.

Prediction: Frogger, Joust, and Tekken it to the next level.

Groan. Can you tell it's a Friday?

I'll also take the Seahawks, Colts, Patriots and Saints to win. Go Eagles!

Damn. Smee is in for Gilbert, isn't he? Damn again. I wanted to see him play.


I slave for hours on my Donkey Kong image, and no comments? I'm guessing Pat is drunk and passed out already.

Well, there goes Smid's shoulder again. Super.

That Donkey Kong reference is golden Andy. That alone validates your credibility as a man to be trusted.

I want an Asteroids, Combat, and/or Centipede reference next.

I wanted to work in an Asteroids reference today, along with an "elf needs food, badly" line, but I ran out of time.

Good first period, I'd say.

Are they just replaying the footage of the minor hockey kids that they used in the PPV? Man, that's brutal. I'm also pleased that they stole a minute of my life by having Gene Principe talk about Petr Sykora and David Beckham's hair during the 1st.

Sopcast channel NHL4 - 17007 has the Oil/Wild game streaming for those interested. Although the stream doesn't seem very stable, not enough upload and lots of download =(.

HOR-COOOOOFFFFFFF!!!! Oh, Sweet Jesus, let this be the pebble that bursts the dam.

No sooner do I say that, and the poor bastard is stymied on the PK. Oh God, why do you hate me so!?


Seriously. We're dominating the shit out of them, and in a minute we collapse, and they score two? Come. On.

It's the whole yin yang karma luck balance-of-the-universe thing.

Horcoff is getting all his bad luck over with now so he can dominate for the rest of the decade.

The team as a whole is paying off their debt from last year so they'll have a reserve when the stretch drive and playoffs roll's the only viable explaination.

Bout bloody time. After those blwon PK chances, I thought we were doomed.

Great little play by Nedved on that goal. Took the pass well, and then sent a nice softie right into Sykora's wheelhouse.

Now if only Roli could hold a rebound.

The team as a whole is paying off their debt from last year so they'll have a reserve when the stretch drive and playoffs roll's the only viable explaination.


Odd on Veilleux crapping his pants when Gator grabbed him like that?

Could Pisani please hit the net? That kid couldn't score in a whorehouse.

Game now on NHL6 - 17328.

How does Fernandez not get penalized for constantly slashing and hitting Smyth like that? Is it 2001? That's the kind of shit I hate. There's no way that should be tolerated.

And then Minny scores. And Roli spazzes out. What a head case.

So many missed chances by the Oil. It should be a 5-0 game. Damn!

Godamnit, Joffery Zoolander has to go.

Trade that cocksucker now!

Sigh. Another team we couldn't beat, even though they played the night before. We outplayed and outchanced them, but great goaltending beat good goaltending.

Godamnit, Joffery Zoolander has to go.

Why they had him out in the last 2 minutes is beyond me. You need a guy to do the dirty work then, not just sit in the slot waiting to become Derelicte.

Here's my summary of tonight's game.

Horcoff should have had a fucking hat-trick before Minny scored their first goal.

The guy has THE worst puck-luck ever.

Oilers beaten by a hot goalie. End of story. Roloson's gotta contain that rebound on the 2nd goal.

Now, to accomplish the goal of 5 wins in the 7 games before the All-Star break, they either need to sweep the Flames OR beat the Wild in Minny (they WILL beat a depleted Anaheim team, and I'm assuming a split of the home-and-home Saturday matchups with the 1989 Cup Champs).

MacT: "It's a game we should have won with the amount of chances we had."

Pretty brief and concise if you ask me.

And apparently Hejda's nickname is Hans? Did I hear that right?

PS: Lupul blows ass. He sucks SO bad.

so the Oilers blow another big game....shocking!
well, I guess that's what separates the contenders from the pretenders and the Oil are definitely that...
so, how much do they lose by tomorrow? It is a big game and they are playing a NW team


Man, I wish I'd seen this before so I could make the obligatory "It's on like Donkey Kong!" comment.

Instead, I ponder why the hell we got about as many, if not more, quality chances on the PK than we did ES, at least to my eye. That's pretty damned bizarre.

The Princess is in another castle.

Props on the Q*Bert, Dig Dug and Joust reference.
To the video game makers of America: "Give me back my quarters."

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