Friday, January 05, 2007


Oilers Game Day-Canucks

Record: 19-18-3Record: 22-18-1

This team is kicking the care right out of me. I think the last game I enjoyed watching was against the Canes, and that was a month ago. worries. The Dude abides. Plus, my Eagles are making a playoff appearance this weekend, which was never supposed to happen. And we'll probably get to see Larry Johnson run all over the Colts. How can I be upset when I'm about to see the Peyton Manning Face? I can't, I tell you!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!

6-4, Canucks.
Chiefs over Colts.
Pats over J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets Jets!
Seahawks over Cowboys (so long Tuna and T.O.)
Eagles over Giants (so long, Tom Coughlin)


Oilers 5 (Hemsky, Torres (2), Smyth, Lupul)
Canucks 3 (D. Sedin (2), Cooke)


Colts 38, Chiefs 21
Jets 23, Patriots 21
Seahawks 35, Cowboys 17 (take THAT Tony Homo!)
Eagles 24, Giants 10

Jets over Pats? Blasphemy!

Gonna be watching tonights game surrounded by Canuck fans, oh joy.

You Edmonton fans have way too little faith in Jeff Garcia, the main won a Grey Cup with the almighty Stampeders for Christ's sake...

Go Flames!

Go Stamps!

You Edmonton fans have way too little faith in Jeff Garcia

Two of us picked the Eagles, Randy. I'd say that's some faith.

Unless Kansas City acquired a defense and a coach who can manage the clock, Larry Johnson could run the ball 50 times (which he might) and it won't matter in the end.

Here are my picks:

Colts 38 Chiefs 31
Seahawks 41 Cowboys 27 (the one time this year that I will root for the Seahawks)
Patriots 24 Jets 14
Eagles 23 Giants 17

the Jets will run over the Patsies this weekend!

as for the Oil, well I just hope we don't get embarassed out there!!


The Dude abides.

I don't know 'bout you, but I take comfort in that.

4-2 Oil. Let's take that hill...

6-4, Canucks.

The apocalypse draws nigh.

Although tonight would be a good night for Naslund to break out of his slump.

Personally, I think it will be 6-2 Oilers. The Canucks are on a five game winning streak and are due for a let-down.

Lets see Bergy gives up the puck 3 times counting for 2 nuck goals, Rollie pots one himself, and the rest of the D gets beat up by the Sedin sisters. But the Mullet scores 4 and Oilers win 7-5. Causing an Old Ukrainian lady in Vegreville to have a heart attack.

I have watched a lot hockey and Bergy slapshot to the face mask of Smith was the closest I have seen to killing a goalie with a puck.

I have watched a lot hockey and Bergy slapshot to the face mask of Smith was the closest I have seen to killing a goalie with a puck.

Yup. Other than the Malarchuk incident, I don't know if I've ever been so scared watching a goalie go down.

Sorry Andy, I was referring more to your statement that the Eagles were never supposed to make the playoffs...

Misconception on my part...

Not that it matters though, as My Chargers are going to take the whole thing (between them and the Flames, the late 90's were pretty rough for me. Things have turned around lately though)...

If Roman Gabriel finds Harold Carmichael enough in the first half the Eagles will be able to rest their defense in the second half.

Not a bad first period. I forgot Tjarnquist was out: when was the last time we iced a D unit this thin?

How does Roy look?

Not bad, actually.

black dog - Roy looks ok after 1. Pairs are:

Smith - Hejda
Staois - Greene
Bergeron - Roy

Dennis was right. Roy gets an easier assignment.

Tjarnqvist is obviously sore.

Couple of heart attack stretches where they could not clear the zone for extended periods, but that is now normal. Seems mostly Staois/Greene overmatched with some Smith - Hejda too.


There's Fernando's playoff shot!

Looks like Kevin Quinn and Ray Ferraro are doing their best to end Naslund's 16-game goal scoring drought by talking about it as much as possible.

Roy doesn't look so good after the stupid move that resulted in the Canucks scoring in OT. Idiot.

Man, I hate the Canucks.

I have watched a lot hockey and Bergy slapshot to the face mask of Smith was the closest I have seen to killing a goalie with a puck.

I think as recently as twenty years ago, that just might have, because that man dropped like a stone with the latest in goalie protection on his noggin. I shudder to ponder how Dryden's mask would have held up.

no mention of us getting screwed by the refs yet again? that sure looked like goalie interference to me...

I didn't get to see the game, but heard the last five minutes and OT on the radio. The Oil didn't let Naslund break out of his slump, but they sure saved Matt Cooke's ass for another week. Thanks for that... I guess.

Everyone here has been bad-mouthing Bergeron for so long, and I hardly ever paid attention to it. But the Canucks commentator said it was MAB that made a bad play in OT that resulted in the Cooke goal.
I'm not sure how well either team played tonight, but the Oilers had a chance to come out of GM Place with two points, and MAB's defensive lapse cost them.

If nothing else, Fenwick will be cheesed that it went into OT and both teams got points. Perhaps that is something we can all enjoy together.

Check out Mike's awesome graphic at COI. I'd throw more stink around, personally, but it works.

scarlett - Putting Roy out in OT was a dumber move.


Some many coaching blunders this season. So many.

Two things, both of which I've posted elsewhere, but need to be considered:

- To me, MacT putting Roy on the ice in OT last night was a call for help. What other logical explanation is there?

- Take a look at Jason Smith's plus/minus for the season:

After last night, he's up to -1.

Considering what he's been asked to do this year, that seems pretty damn impressive to me. He's the guy who I think is taking WAY more criticism than deserved right now.

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