Sunday, January 14, 2007


Morning in Alberta

Did You Know: since starting the season 3-7-2, the Flames are 21-8-2.

Also, I just can't express how pleased I was with Dion Phaneuf last night. He was a questionable All-Star pick yesterday, but played a terrific game last night; scored a PP goal from the low slot; and pulled kind of a dickhead move of Jason Smith, to which I say "YEEEAAHHHHH!!!" - that element has been missing from the Flames' game, probably since Niemenen was allowed to walk.

Go Flames.


Watching that disgusting mutant makes me realize how badly the Oil need a defenceman.

Hmm the flames are going a road trip. 2 games long andone home and 3 motre on the road in January. Right now 6-10-4. If they don't win on the road they won't make the playoffs

I'm not worried about the Flames making the playoffs. Sure, they need to be better than 4 games under .500 on the road, but they are not the only NW team with that record (and they are 6 points clear of the other one ... )

Phaneuf's in the All-Star Game? Just when I thought it couldn't get any more irrelevant...

An argument can be made for Langkow seeing as Perrault is in.

Is it too early for me to predict a Predators win for tonight?

5-2, Preds. Phaneuf does all the scoring for the Flames with a PPG and a Shorty.

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