Friday, January 05, 2007


Friday Baseball Standings

The Rollercoaster in Rexall obviously overshadowed everything else last night, but the Flames game was something. Awesome comeback, obviously: down 2 with 4 minutes left, Iginla and Kobasew out, and essentially no jump, the 3rd/4th liners came through big and tied it up.

Without the comeback, it absolutely would have been the worst game of the season. Lose your best player, lose a lead at home to a 14th-place team, not a good combination. With the comeback though, and the news that Iginla's knee injury appears like it could have been much worse, I'm feeling OK (not great, but OK). Presumably the rally, besides snatching 2 points, will give the team confidence that they can succeed with Iginla out for the short- or medium-term.

Props to two guys, and I'm both relieved and surprised to give them out:
Two final notes about the game that I wasn't quite aware of:

1. Calgary and Florida were a combined 0-11 in OT/SO before last night, the only teams in the league with no wins after 60 minutes. Probably a good thing it got settled during 4-on-4; the shootout might still be going on now.

2. From the AP game recap (McLennan was in net last night):
Including the playoffs, Calgary G Miikka Kiprusoff had started 86 of the last 88 games at the Pengrowth Saddledome dating back to Feb. 10, 2004, when he returned from a knee injury.

Wow. Get well soon, Jarome and Chuck. Canucks/Oilers, feel free to settle tonight's game in regulation. Go Flames.


Presumably, that was the guy Sutter thought he was getting for $1.3M.

Correction. $1.6 million dollars. I understand you trying to make it easier to stomach, though.


Jeff Friesen: 31 GP, O Goals, 3 Assists. Cost: $1.6 million.

Petr Nedved: 1 GP, 1 Goal, 0 Assists. Cost $600,000.

Shall we do this again? It worked out so well for you last year.

Pisani - 40 GP, 8 goals, $2.5 mm
Horcoff - 40 GP, 6 goals, $3.6 mm

David Moss - 7 GP, 4 goals $450,000

You're right. This is a pretty fun game.

MCL sprains are nothing. He'll be back as soon as the swelling subsides.

What didn't work out for me well last year? I guess when I said Samsonov and Huselius were essentially the same player, I probably overestimated Samsonov - is that what you're talking about? Or was it saying that the difference between Samsonov and Lundmark for the rest of last season wouldn't be that great?

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