Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Flames Game Night

The Flames host the Minnesota Wild at the 'Dome tonight (7PM MT, RSN West). It's a good thing that the Flames never take divisional games lightly, because this looks like it should really, really, really be a W, so much that it's ominous. The two main factors I'm talking about:
  1. The Flames haven't lost at home -- to a team not featuring a marine mammal in their logo -- since October.
  2. The Wild are 0-9-1 in their last 10 on the road, are 4-14-1 overall on the road, and have won a grand total of one road game in regulation this entire season (what were you doing on October 18th? I don't remember myself; apparently Evgeni Nabokov was allowing 4 goals on 18 shots).
The Flames have seven games left until the All-Star break, starting tonight, and the schedule is no picnic. It goes: vMIN, @COL, vEDM, @NSH, @DAL, vANA, @EDM. If the Flames can make it through these 7 with a winning record, it bodes well for the rest of the season -- especially considering that Iginla is most likely back when the schedule resumes. If they can't, it may just mean that this NW rollercoaster will keep running until April 9th.

Check hockeyfights.com tomorrow morning for tonight's Godard-Boogaard scrap (something tells me this'll be Godard's only start of the year with the big club), and check NHL.com for the other highlights of Calgary's big 5-1 victory, like the goals by Richie, Boyd, Tanguay (2), and Phaneuf. Go Flames.


I think Godard is going to get a 2nd game....whenever the Ducks and Flames play their last matchup of the season.

It got a bit testy last time around, and I think the Flames will want to establish themselves physically in that last Ducks game in order to send a message for if the teams meet in the playoffs. As such, I think you'll see something involving Prust, Godard, and comparisons to Calgary/Nashville matchups from the 2004 season.

Well, Godard with the KO tonight on Boogard. No question about THAT.

Kipper looked as strong tonight as I've seen this season. Solid effort.

Another great win -- Miikaa gets the shutout, and Godard pummels Boogard.

I saw an ad at the last Flames game for something called "Vauntcom". I figured it was an Oilers fan site, but it turned out to be some sort of advertising company.

Flames prevail, Kipper gets the zero and NO POWERPLAY GOALS AGAINST!!

I wouldn't say he pummeled Boogard. He got a couple shots in at the end, but I would say the bout was a draw.

Jeez Andy, Godard knocked him down twice and then rag-dolled him. The fight was close for 75% of the time, but no way was it a draw, thats a clear decision for Godard.

Boogaard is out with a concussion after the fight and Grabia calls it a draw.

I go away for 10 days and the worl goes topsy-turvy - Iginla's down, Ritchie's scoring and Godard is actually playing...?

Godard with the clear W.

That was not a draw, that was a TKO.

Andy, there may be work for you in the world of boxing judges, who generally get these things wrong.

Godard TKO'ed the Boogeyman, that was clear. God, my team sucks on the road.

Get the vote out!!!

Matt is up against the evil empire over on Hot Oil right now, Flames fans!

Let's stuff that ballot box (although I do realize that there probably aren't enough of us here to do it, if you guys post something on your blogs...)

Mind you, they'd probably put the fix in like what happened with Rory Fitzpatrick (not that I agreed with that whole situation at all)...

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