Friday, January 19, 2007


Flames Game Day

Flames v. Ducks, 7PM MT, RSN West. Things that make you go Huh?:

1) Scott Niedermayer won't be playing in the All-Star game; he's being replaced by Special Ed. Apparently he has a stress fracture in his right foot, which explains why he played a mere 29:03 in last night's loss to the Oil, including 11:38 in the 2nd period.

2) The other WC All-Star replacement, going in the place of Zetterberg, is Andy McDonald. I kind of shrugged when Daymond Langkow wasn't named to the team: there's only 21 roster spots, and 16 of them had been filled once they picked a guy from every team. But taking McDonald before Langkow when Selanne is already representing the Ducks is a noodle-scratcher.

McDonald has 3 fewer points in 4 additional games, doesn't kill penalties, and is subject to the same Well, look at his linemate! skepticism as Langkow. Maybe last year's performance was a big factor, in which case you have to wonder why Datsyuk didn't get to replace his teammate. At any rate, hopefully Langkow's teammates take some offense on his behalf, and go out tonight on a mission to shut down the Selanne line, with prejudice.

For obvious karma-related reasons, I'm not going to dwell on the Ducks' present struggles (that's Sleek's job); suffice it to say that a Flames loss tonight would be extremely disappointing. I'll call it as Calgary 3 (Lombardi, Huselius, Yelle) Anaheim 1 (Selanne on the PP). Go Flames.

Special BoA Postscript: note that Saturday night's 1st period will feature the heavyweight bout of Godard vs. Stortini. Don't be late!


Good thing we let LeGG go. He only has the same poit total as Joffrey Lupul.


And isn't the big news in Cowtown that Iggy is out til after the All-Star break? Or is that old news already?


I think you have a very legitimate argument about Langkow for the All-Star game. I think it's bullshit they went back to this "every team must be represented" thing. Rick Nash? Seriously? Yanic fucking Perreault?

But, Langkow isn't the guy getting screwed here by the MacDonald selection. The fourh best Russian in the NHL is the guy getting the shaft.

Alex Frolov should be there. And, as far as I can tell, is not. He should be there over MacDonald, not Langkow.

Yeah, I think everyone read between the lines when Iginla wasn't named to the All-Star team, but it was never really confirmed until yesterday.

Sounded to me like he's probably out for another 3-4 games after the break, too; fortunately for the Flames, the schedule's nowhere near as tough that week as it was/is this week.

I think both Flame fans and Oiler fans can agree on something tonight..

Danny Sabourin is playing the Buffalo Sabres tonight, and that's a very good thing anyway you slice it.

Here's hoping for a very physical game tonight with Anaheim squeaking out a 4-2 win, with the most exciting play in hockey to finish it off!

Yeah, Langkow deserved consideration, but there are also at least five other guys I would have put there before McDonald (Datsyuk, Frolov, Sedins, Sullivan). My guess is they added a Duck because Niedermayer was dumped.

It's somewhat alarming that we've somehow ended up with two Coyotes. (If Niedermayer couldn't make it, why couldn't they just defer his starting spot to the next highest player in fan balloting? Oh... right.)

Yah PDO, Sabourin is sure looking woeful isn't he?

Go 'Nucks.

Fuck me. They all got points.

Bloody Neides, so disappointed in him. Only a little stress fracture and he couldn't get the hattrick to tie the game? Much less win it? For shame.

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