Wednesday, January 10, 2007


EC thru 40


I don't think Ottawa knows about the goal-differential win theorem.

+8 on the front-end gets them 17 points (2nd worst), so they drop it to +4 on the back-end and get 26 points (2nd best)?

Somebody should be helping them with their math.

Can anybody explain Montreal to me? Whenever I see them on TV; 1)they lose and 2) look really really bad in doing it. I get Higgins and I get Huet but is it all special teams or somethin'?

How can you get Higgins & Huet but not Saku Koivu? Or the man in the wizard hat?

Okay I'll shut up now.

It is ALL Special teams and ENGs. 5-on-5 (less ENGs) they are terrible. They are a first round loss waiting to happen.

In the 1st 20, OTT was losing by small margins, but winning by larger margins. In the 2nd 20, they've started winning a lot more close games and having fewer blowouts. That is with no verification or math performed by me :)

At least it seems to be that way.

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