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Don't Drink The Kool-Aid

The Oilers blew a three goal lead with 25 minutes left to play, against a team that went to a shootout in a late game the night before, and people are happy about getting a point? Forgive me, but who the hell cares about the weird ending? THEY LOST. And while everyone up here is dancing a jig about choking and losing, the Flames actually fought back from two down to steal two points. Unbelievable.

***Friday Morning Update*** Here it is. Ales Hemsky scores with two seconds left in the game after Patrik Stefan misses a wide-open empty net.

To add insult to inury, Ladislav Smid has been placed on the IR. Paging Kevin Lowe. "Kevin, can you hear me!?"


Say what you will, but I was entertained. Just pissed that I missed the game, and that the Oil pissed the game away the way they did.

You forgot that three of their best players were out, and we were shooting at the backup goalie for most of the game.

Entertained? Entertained isn't a big enough word. That entire set of events has given me such delight that it is difficult to express.

Ferraro's call of the play, Stef not only missing the net but also falling on his ass into the end boards, Hemsky scoring, Mac-T's post-game comments.

The whole thing just keeps on giving.

Once again the Hockey Gods prove that they not only giveth and taketh; but they do it with flair.

I concur Andy.

While the Hemsky goal was a hell of an adrenaline hit and WILDLY entertaining, I am putting that game in with the four points the Oilers basically gave away to LA and Colorado in the past few weeks.

One point? Simply unacceptable.


Lets see where to did it all go wrong.

After the 1st PP goal in the third. Maybe a timeout should have been called because 23 seconds later might been the reason.

Bergie owes Hemsky and Stoll his life. Which Dman coughed up the puck to Stefan. Although he did hit the net a couple of times last night. He is still in my doghouse.

The thing I am seeing is the Oilers are now the softest team in the league and maybe one of the stat guys will prove me wrong. The Oilers don't hit anymore. Let's just watch the other team skate around and maybe we can stick check them. Do all our D have shoulder injuries? They play like it...

We were out-coached and out played down low again. So the results are fair based on the marshmallow defensive effort.

Sure, the Oilers had a nice little comeback last night after Stefan screwed the pooch, but they couldn't close the deal in overtime.

Now the Flames last night -- THAT was a comeback. Down two with 3 minutes to go in the third. Their captain and leading scorer nursing a game ending (and hopefully trivially minor) injury in the dressing room ... next to him is a dazed Kobasew, who is watching little cartoon birds fly around his head ... and the pluggers come through with two late goals to tie it up (no helpful showboating kack ups needed) ... and then ring in the victory in overtime.

The crowd (with me in it) goes wild.

Go Flames!!!!

It appears that the vaunt may have finally arrived but that is an extra point that they gave away again. You're right on Andy. This team is giving up far too many goals and as a result far too many points in the standings.

Exciting finish but the overall result from this game leaves me cold. 5 GA a Dallas team missing three of its top four forwards? And they played the night before.

Not good enough.

I agree Grabia, this team can't hold a lead and that is a problem... however... that Stefan/Hemsky thing at the end was pretty crazy...

At this point I'm almost happy with anything that dulls the pain... I was telling my wife about the game afterwards and actually laughing despite the loss - I think that's a first.

First off: Peter, control your emotion, you guys in Calgary have enough parades to plan already.

Ok, so an OT loss last night in what should have been a win, added to two blown games against LA and Colorado at home during the last two and a half weeks...I count five points right there that the Oilers have flat out blown.

That alone has them at 19-18-3 instead of 22-16-2. That would be good enough for (gasp!) first in the Northwest!

And that's not even considering one loss to each of Columbus, Chicago, Phoenix and St. Louis....

Bottom line, this team is not where it should be in terms of performance and, as such, place in the standings.

Getting in the car at noon to drive down to Van for tonights affair... They'd better be pissed off and hell-bent on avenging last nights embarrassing performance or I'm going to have to get really drunk.

Man, Ferraro sure lays into Stefan. Kind of uncalled for, really. The puck bounced. Could have happened to anyone.

Andy, someone surmised elsewhwere that having played with Stefan, Ferraro knows him personally and, based on his call, likely is not a fan of his.

BlackDog, that's what I think. Ferraro has a chip on his shoulder for somethng back when he played for the ATL.

And everyone go to Ray's wikipedia page and read the last paragraph. Now, before it's deleted.

I guess this person is a big Stefan fan or a Ferraro critic:

Ray Ferraro is the frequent color commentator for Edmonton Oiler TV broadcasts on Rogers Sportsnet. He often embarasses himself and his family by making ridiculous comments that make no sense, tryin to make a name for himself. On January 4th, 2007, he criticised Patrick Stefan for missing a wide open empty net goal, claiming it as hot dogging. The puck clearly hit a rut and bounced over his stick just before he tried to put it in the net. Ferraro said that "he should be ashamed of himself," but later comments from inside reporters proved that Ferraro himself should be ashamed for being a failure at life.

Rest assured. I'm going to tonight's game here in Vancouver and the Oilers have yet to a lose a game I attended and they better not start now!

That's a 3-Star Video clip:
1. Blonde in white sweater
2. Stefan misses wide open net
3. Hemsky scores with two seconds left.

I updated the clip so that you get the live call, not just the call on the replay. I love listening to Loubardias. He's clearly realizing that his Al Michaels moment is passing him by, as he struggles for phrasing.

"Can you...believe..what we...just saw!!!"

Sure, the puck bounced, it was bad luck.

But Stefan still made a boneheaded play by every measure. He chose to skate the puck into the net instead of shooting it in from even 20 feet out. Most forwards in the NHL can raise the puck that far and then bad ice/bounces are irrelevant. Then, having screwed up the easiest empty net chance in recent history, he could still salvage things by skating the puck into the corner, tying it up behind the net or generally screwing around with it for a whole 3 or 4 seconds. But rather than salvage the play, he falls on his ass.

Even then, he can still make something out of this mess by clearing the puck to the corner. Or something. His choice to pass it to Stoll was not the best choice. Of course, no one expected that Stoll would hail mary it up the ice for the tying goal, but still ...

I agree that Ferraro is an idiot, and he may have a chip on his shoulder. But he was right to call that play for what it was.

well, regardless of the variety of contributing factors that created that situation (Northlands - bad ice, MAB - dumb little puck cradling to create the turnover, Stefan - 3 boneheaded decisions, Dallas team - thinking it was over) when was the last time a last second goal occurred off of anything but an o-zone face-off.

probably pretty rare to see a goal-line to goal-line transition with about 10 seconds to go.

He chose to skate the puck into the net instead of shooting it in from even 20 feet out.

But didn't he attempt a shot just before that, and it was blocked? Probably explains why he chose to skate it in. He was all alone, and it takes time off the clock. If I'm a coach, I want him skating that in as much as possible.

I dunno -- I did not see the play, just the highlight.

But even if he had a prior shot blocked and now has a clear lane to the net, I think most coaches would choose 'shoot the puck, score and put the game on ice' rather than 'dick around and eat up some clock'

Ok, so an OT loss last night in what should have been a win

What? If Stefan was anywhere near competent, it should have been a regulation loss...

Go Flames!!!

I read a quote from Stefan that said he skated the puck in because the ice was so bad -- he didn't want to miss the net. hee.

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