Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Dizzying highs, terrifying lows, creamy middles

- Conroy. Wow.
- The fan reaction to Conroy. Wow. If the Beatles had taken Lorne Michaels up on his offer in 1975, I'm not sure that the crowd would have been more excited about a comeback.
- The 5 minute mark of the 2nd to the 11 minute mark of the 3rd. Ooof. The Flames were leading the shot count 17-7 after the 1st, 22-8 early in the 2nd, and the final count was 36-33 Kings.
- Lombardi. Ooof. He looked like a guy who had no confidence. (!)
- Nilson. Ooof. I think he's next on the list after Friesen; he's proven over a very long sample of time that he simply cannot produce. Tonight, that was reflected in the anecdotal sense: couldn't make a pass, receive a pass, or move the puck up the ice. Bad combination. Plus, he made a play on the PK that was insane for someone who earns their keep with defensive play.

If you're going to stay on the ice after you break your stick, the only thing you're good for is (A) blocking shots and (B) getting between the other guy and the place he wants to go. Having Rob Blake stickhandle around you at low speed (for of course the goal shortly thereafter) is totally incompatible with these aims...

-The Oilers season going down the tubes. Wow. Calgary wins, Minnesota wins, Colorado wins, Vancouver with the OTL. A finish like 19-11-2 would give them 92 points and might - maybe - get them past the Wild, if enough of those 19 are head-to-head. 95 points means they need to finish 20-9-3. As the wise Dog said:
The Oilers have become the Ducks, the Canes, the Capitals, the Panthers - surprise teams who marched to the finals, fell short and then fell back to earth the next year. Hard.

Also, here's Peter's account of tonight's festivities:
Oh my, what a great game. I just got back, and that was as much fun as I have had in the Dome all year. The crowd was bouncing and Craig Conroy now has two more goals in a Flames uniform than Lundmark.

Just awesome. Go Flames. Go Blue Jackets.

Indeed. Go Flames.


If Alan Greenspan were here he would definitely make a quip about "irrational exuberance." News flash: your team just beat the West's answer to the Flyers, and the "down-the-tubes" Oilers are two weeks of good hockey away from catching up with the curtain not yet lifted on February. Next time maybe just write "2006 taught us nothing! Nothing!"

From NHL.com: "Conroy's pair burns former club."

Aren't teams supposed to disclose things like this prior to trades?

By my calculation Conroy increased his pts/game from 0.31 to 0.34 last night. Cause for celebration indeed!

By my calculation Conroy increased his pts/game from 0.31 to 0.34 last night.

Now he's just .06 ppg off of Lupul's torrid pace!

I think the last playoff spot is going to be closer to 92 than 95; Edmonton isn't out of it, BUT it might benefit them to 'accidentally' put their foot on the brake. I know, I know, last year eigth place then SCF. They just don't have that kind of team right now. Could they trade for something that can let them catch fire? Maybe, but if you were betting on the Oilers you'd want to go long term not short. A telling stat: The best goalies by GAA and SV% in the division are, in order: Kipper, Luongo, Fernandez (ably backed up by Backstrom), Budaj and then Roloson. This is the same order as the standings, no great surprise. The Oilers probably saw this writing on the wall after the Luongo deal, but their solution; to zig when all the other NW teams were zagging with defensive hockey came undone without CFP and the Oilers offense is only fourth in the division. The suspense now is what is going to happen with Smyth. Trade him for the future, or sign him long term.

I was never sure that exuberance could be rational, exactly, but no mind. The last time the Oilers played two weeks of good hockey, the curtain was not yet lifted on December.

Edmonton record as of Jan.31:
2007: 24-22-4
2006: 28-18-6

No backing into the playoffs this time, y'all.

"Edmonton record as of Jan.31:
2007: 24-22-4
2006: 28-18-6"

hmmmm...I see two more games played last year...not to mention about 4 or 5 SO wins...which we're not getting this year

not saying this year's squad is better because they're winning more games instead of shoot-outs. It just proves that we could always play other teams close.

As for getting on a hot streak...Vancouver went on a huge winning streak, Phoenix did as well...St.Louis of all teams went 13-4-4 or something

the Oil could too.


Yeah for sure, I don't believe in it per se, but if Van and Stl and Phx could go on rips there's no reason the Oilers can't. And this team IS a playoff team if Lowe acquires a Stuart for a forward plus some of our fringe D. If he does and that and decides to rent Brew as well, then we're in the playoff as well.

I know Iginla's on the mend but right now the Flames are paper tigers in the biggest kind of way. There's a lot to be said for leaning on your tender to win, the Habs of '03, along with some help from David Volek, can attest to that.

But even without Iginla, if you're tean can get outchanced by a great margin by your Wild, Hawks and Kings, hwo do you thnk you'll fare against the Ducks or Sharks. Or say the Preds for that matter who own you guys.


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