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Dad, Can I Borrow One Of Your Moving Trucks Again?

Mike Comrie has been traded to Ottawa for Alexei Kaigorodov (glove tap to Spector). Enjoy those tough minutes he logs, Sens fans.


MacT said Lupul wasn't playing poorly. Sounded to me like Bernier & Carle would be playing 1st line minutes for the Oil.

Apparently Wilson was not happy with Bernier's play away from the puck and Carle has struggled a bit as of late - they felt a short trip to the minors would give him a bit of a breather. not sure why they wouldn't just cut back his minutes if he was getting fatigued but who knows.

My understanding is that they wanted to give Carle a bit of a break, and that Bernier needs to work on his defence.

Carle started really strong, but his second 20 games was pretty weak.

tothebank, i don't think Lupul is on a two way contract so you can't send him down without the fear of losing him for nothing.

A one or two way contract is purely a money issue, it has no bearing on the waiver rules.

Because Lupul is in his 4th year pro, and has played over 160 NHL games, so he would have to clear waivers to be sent down.

I'd paste the chart from the CBA, but for some reason, they've locked the PDF so that I can't do that. It's article 13, if you want to find more detail.

A one or two way contract is purely a money issue, it has no bearing on the waiver rules

My understanding is that when a player is on an NHL (one-way) contract, or on an AHL contract and making more than $95,000, the player must clear waivers in order to get called back up from the minors.

One of the exceptions is for a conditioning stint; then that player can be "loaned" without waivers to the minor league club for up to two weeks.

This rule is part of the salary cap, and is to prevent teams from "hiding" players in the minors without it counting against their salary cap.

Thanks. I forgot about that new twist.

It's not really relevant to Lupul's situation, but it's a good thing to keep in mind. It certainly made life difficult for the Kings when they couldn't call up LaBarbera.

I have no evidence for this, since I'm not about to read the CBA, but I might guess that a conditioning stint in the AHL can only come at the end of an official trip to the Injury Reserve. Not that guys don't end up on IR with fake injuries. But just sayin...

The CBA is pretty vague about conditioning stint requirements. It seems to say that the only requirement is the player's permission, and that it can't exceed 14 days or 6 games.

But on the other hand, it says that the commissioner reserves the right to investigate the circumstances of any conditioning stint to see if it is an attempt to circumvent the waiver rules.

I'd guess that means that if they can't justify it by way of injury or downtime, Bettman will probably override the decision.

You guys motivated me to post on the whole Bernier/Carle business.

Man, if that's all it takes, maybe Mikhnov and a first for Michalek is doable.

what did you think of S1 of The Wire?

Liked it alot. It's not the greatest show ever made for television, as I have heard some critics claim, but it is damn good. I watched the first two episodes of S2 last night, and now have to track down the rest at video stores around town. None of the torrents I have found online seem to work.

And why isn't anyone making fun of Comrie? Is it just too easy?

25 points in 39 games gets him a trip to the minors? Must be nice to be able to afford to do that.

I hate to channel Tony Kornheiser (in his Monday Night Football incarnation), but my move to trade Bernier for Marc-Andre Fleury a few weeks back in one of my fantasy leagues is looking pretty darn good right now.

25 points in 39 games gets him a trip to the minors? Must be nice to be able to afford to do that.

And Carle had 21 points on the season. That would put him above Horcoff, Pisani and Zoolander on the Oilers, and he's a defenceman.

Yeah, but check the monthly splits...

From those numbers, both have clearly fallen off. Big. Besides, as Mirtle points out, those aren't the only stats the Sharks have been looking at.

Definitely a nice luxury to have young contributors that can be recalled later without a problem.

Not that I want to encourage anything illegal here...but Allan you can easily unlock 'locked' PDF files by using an application to find the encryption key.

And I also find it odd that the NHL locks its rulebook PDF files.

Season 2 of the Wire (which I got for Xmas) is better than the first, and Season 3 and 4 are the ones every critic raves about.

A great show.

Oh, Lupul? He must be destroyed. I chant the word "Smid" everytime I think of the Pronger trade.

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