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California Love

Record: 30-10-8Record: 22-20-4

So I was downloading some hot pics off of HornyManatee last night, and it got me thinking about the Anaheim Ducks. Real aqua fetish, I have. And I thought to myself, self, the Oil really need to beat the living hell out of the Ducks Thursday night. There won't be the distraction of Chris Pronger's second visit to Edmonton (haven't seen a thing about it in the papers), plus the team won't have to play against his lanky yet dominating ass. The Ducks are 5-7-2 in their last 14, including a 6-2 loss to the Blues on Tuesday. Even Oilers head coach Craig simpson isn't as crazy--or historically unsuccessful-- as Randy Carlyle: see St. Louis scoring a Shorthanded Empty Net goal with three and a half minutes left in the game, and the possibility of a man dying from exhaustion while on the ice. Plus, the Oilers season started its downturn the last time they played the Ducks. They are 9-12-3 since November 28th, when they blew a 3rd period lead and lost in Overtime. They've had one impresive win since then, against the Canes on December 6th. Win tonight, the Oil stop the bleeding and turn their season around. I'm certain of it. Lose and...sigh.

I thought all that, just like that, and then watched some explicit home video footage of Prince Namor and Paris Hilton. What can I say? It was a crazeee night.

Talk in the papers today is about the Boogard hit on Hemsky Tuesday night. I'm on record following the completion of the first game of the season, saying that the Oilers were going to need a tough guy. Pinto has been getting hammered all year long, with impunity. The Oil did score the game-winner off of the penalty Boogard took on Tuesday, but I don't know if that washes out in the cost/benefit analysis. I doubt there will be a problem with the Ducks tonight, even if they have George Porthos in the lineup. But something needs to change. Either the Oilers find or bring someone up, or they start taking liberties with opposing team's star players the minute they go after ours. Or both. I second Dennis' suggestion that they start by taking a test drive on Alex Tanguay's face on Saturday night. Some leaping hits from Torres ought to do the trick. That should draw Iginla in--if he's man enough to play, that is. If not, we can at least watch Quasimodo pretend to be tough, which is always worth a laugh or two.

Round 2 of the Oilogosphere Hot Off begins today on Hot Oil, and I'm counting on your vote. The post is up now. When making your decision, don't forget that Chris! took Dion Phaneuf in the 2nd round of our Hockey Blogger Fantasy Draft. Of his own free will. He didn't pick a Oiler until the 9th round. You know how many he has on his roster now? None. Guess how many Flames he has? One. Dion Phanuef. His boyfriend. I may have the 3rd worst team in the league, but it's worth it because I'm sticking with my boys. Seven Oilers in my lineup. Seven. Chris!? Zero. He also wants to put soldiers on our streets. Soldiers with guns. In our streets. In Canada. Guns. I did not make this up.

Prediction: 4-2, Oilers. Torres, Smyth, Nedved, Hemsky. Shake, shake it baby. Shake it, shake it mama. Shake it baby.


I had pints with Chris! a week ago and he never said nothing about no soldiers!


Someone is making something up.

But who ....

I had pints with Chris! a week ago and he never said nothing about no soldiers!

You were drunk. You don't remember. But he said it to you, too.

And he picked Phaneuf. That is the Great Betrayal.

Soldiers? With guns? In our streets?

You have my vote you fearmongerer you.

I also admire you dedication to your team above fantasy hockey glory.

I also admire you dedication to your team above fantasy hockey glory.

And boy am I paying. I have to hear Mirtle gloat all day, every day. It's killing me.

I was drunk, that much is true.

Just a reminder that my vote can be bought, btw.

I had a buddy back in the university days who used to pick all Leafs in our annual playoff pool.

All Leafs. This was in the late 80s.

He was just throwing his money away be he couldn't help himself.

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Not that it's particularly comparable since I was drafting Ducks without competition, but I'm still sitting with 10 Ducks in that league (drafted against my better judgment):

Giguere, SNieds, Prongs, O'Brien, Jackman, Teemu, AMac, Getzlaf, Penner, and SThornton.

And then there's five other Ducks that at one point or another were on the roster:

Wall, Beauchemin, Pahlsson, Moen, and Fedoruk.

And just like the real Ducks, that worked out really well until Christmas (hell, I was in first place despite playing Dan Cloutier on a regular basis); not so good since then. Now I gotta listen to Mirtle gloat it up also.

Wow, MacT says that the Oilers need to address the hits on Hemsky. Still no word of retaliation, but he did bring up Stortini as someone who might come up in the near future. Saturday, perhaps?

Andy, Mirtle may be winning but you still have your soul.

Swearing no allegiances works wonders in hockey pools... go Marc Savard go!

Man, still no post up at Hot Oil. I came out negative, and for what? I think those girls are protecting Chris!, giving him time to counter my powerful submission. The fix is in! I want my beauty lawyer!

It's up!

Andy, Chris clearly thinks that guns shoot nothing but rainbows and smiles -- by putting guns on the street, he's just trying to spread the happiness!

That's his cover up. Look what he didwith one of his guns first.

ha ha! Mike's meager photoshop skills make me laugh every time.

That was a quick turn of events.

And a board-rattling hit by Joffrey Lupul?

Also, Thornton started that fight over a hit on one of his guys, but I think it sparked our guys. Love the grin on Roy's face, even though (or perhaps because) he was a bit leaky.

That was a quick turn of events.

Multiple goals in about a minute? Not these Edmonton Oilers!

I've got to see how many times they've done that this season. It's got to be close to ten.

What happened to Stoll?



Stoli got mugged by Earl's bum buddy Pahlsson. I don't think a broken nose alone would've kept him out like the Snet guys said, which makes me wonder if he didn't also get his bell rung.

Stoll broke his nose on that hit by Pahlson.

I don't knpw about anybody else, but I needed that game in a bad way.

I thought Bergeron played pretty well tonight, other than that gift to Selanne, and even on that one you could say Greene had his finger on the bow.

Lupul was sharp as well.


Also, do you think that perhaps Mr. Roy has earned the right to stay in the show for at least a little while? Even when Shaggy and Staios come back.

The Oilers page says he was already questionable with a fractured nose. Or have they failed to indicate that it happened tonight?

Man, five players out. Some tough holes to fill.

My guess is they stick a full face shield on him and over the boards he goes.

I just caught the tale end of the comment on SN, no idea if it was pre-existing

Man, five players out. Some tough holes to fill.

Fuck. I know what you're talking about.

Enjoy the win, it probably gets watered down a bit when we give two points to the Flamewads tomorrow. Then the next time Carlyle loses should be at the ASG.

Off to see the damage on the DVR.

Boy was it ever nice watching Smytty outhustle Ketchup on that 3rd goal.

Ketchup... hehe... I'd almost forgotten about that.

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