Thursday, January 18, 2007


BoA Day

Slight change of plans to the BoA Day this Saturday. Rather than going to Hudsons on Campus, we are going to host it at the Room At The Top, or RATT, on the UofA Campus. They have requested our presence, and we are more than happy to oblige. It's a great campus bar, and a great place to watch a hockey game. RATT is on the 7th Floor of the Students' Union Building (SUB), which is directly beside the Students' Union Car park and directly across from the Clare Drake arena. A map is here, for those unaware of how to find the building. Once you are in the building, find the elevators, and press 7.

Date: Saturday, January 20th, 2007
City: Edmonton
Time: Game at 8 p.m. Meet at 7.
Location: Room At The Top (RATT)

Specials (from 1 hr before the game until the game ends)
Canadian/Coors jugs $9.75
Canadian/Coors pints $3.75
Canadian/Coors bottles $3
Hiballs $3

Plus, RATT gives away 2 tickets to the game at about 7:30. So the opportunity to abandon us sure makes your presence worthwhile!

Once again, please contact Matt and I by email to let us know if you will be attending. I would like to get up to 30 confirmations by Friday, and we aren't quite there yet. Time to come out and party, people! I should also mention that Peter is coming up from Calgary, and is willing to bring up any others who might be interested. If so, drop a line in the comments here, or email Matt and I.


Little plug here:
Remember that someone could win a pair of tickets to the game.
Hopefully someone in blue/orange/copper/navy rather than red/white/black/some yellow.
It will be Night in Canada.

Thanks, Dave. I updated the post. My bad for not mentioning it.

Dave, does RATT play Journey at the end of the night? Because I've heard that a bar at the UofC does this, and I'd really hate to think they are one-upping the UoA in such a fashion.

I live about 2 blocks away, so... I can definitely imagine making an appearance if unforeseen events don't pop in the way.

Once again, the only draw back of cheering for a team in Edmonton is the fact that they play in Edmonton.

We'll be watching in Ontario if you guys give a hoot.

fuck, i'd love to be there.

Tell you what, do this again in mid-december (schedule permitting) next year, and I'll be sure to stop in on my way back through Canada from Taiwan.

Once you are in the building, find the elevators, and press 7.

Man, that brings back some memories. Too bad I can't make it.

Hmmm, stuck here in Toronto for the weekend...

May have to find another crowd here to watch the Flames repeat their performance over the greasers from Hockey Day in Canada...

Go Flames!


I still plan to make the road trip as the only place more fun than the saddledome to watch the Flames beat the Oilers is someplace surrounded by Oilers fans.

If there are other Calgary commenters who are looking for a ride, let me know in the comments.

I need a place to crash in Edmonton after the game. Andy has suggested the Campus Towers, which looks a little fancy and is a little dear. I am happy with the Motel 6 or whatever, if it's not too far away. Can anyone suggest some other place? Jim's basement perhaps?

You could sleep in my basement, but you'd have to be willing to share bed space with my brother. He likes to cuddle in his sleep, so watch yourself.

"Dave, does RATT play Journey at the end of the night? Because I've heard that a bar at the UofC does this, and I'd really hate to think they are one-upping the UoA in such a fashion."

No one one-ups me without a fight. (Then the one-upping could still stand)
What Journey song would be suitable for a Calgary win?
Loving, Touching, Squeezing?
Who's Cryin' Now?

We'll have to figure something out.
Definitely from the Journey era.
MY era.

Calgary commenter (yeah, sucks to be me), but I officially can't make it. Sorry, y'all.

Andy - as a host at RATT I can personally guarantee Journey at the end of the night... anything the U of C does we can do better.

BTW has anyone checked out our blog? -- one of our contributors put up a brilliant take on Hockey Day in Canada that you guys need to check out.


For a real budget place to stay, the HI hostel is pretty close. Though I would call to make sure it is not packed with job seekers from other provinces.

I think "Don't Stop Believing" or "Separate Ways" would be appropriate, myself.

As a side note to all of this (since I can't make the trek from S'toon this weekend), CBC has probably the best headline of the year so far:

Phaneuf impresses at figure skating nationals

I always suspected he was light on his feet ;)

As much as I'd love to pop in and glass Fenwick, I can't. Pop in.

And really: Journey? If the U of C-has the market cornered there, why follow? Lead. With Starship.

Update Sports Fans:
RATT will be giving away a copy of the book "The Battle of Alberta" during the evening's festivities.
A book, strangely enough, written by the very same person who founded "In The Box" - Steve Sandor.

Just a wee update.
Should be a fun night.
Drink beer, tip the staff. Have fun.

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