Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Best of the Best

What can I say -- I enjoyed this Allan Muir piece tremendously. And apparently, he's the rare national writer who actually watches Mountain- and Pacific-time games. Among his selections in rating the best:


good list, except I'll take Hemsky over Useless any day of the week
Go Oilers!


I wasn't too keen on the piece, until I got to that Sammy Pahlsson = shutdown forward part.

Now it's my favorite article ever.


By shutdown forward, did he mean the guy who injures opposing players by hitting them from behind? Because Pahlsson then totally takes the cake.

Tommy over Pinto as a dangler is a joke. So too is Boogard over Le GG, especially since Le GG feeds it to him every time they meet.

Yeah that piece is a complete joke. The Flames bias was evident early on but then cemented by the BG omission as the league's premiere heavy.


I liked the part where he said Phaneuf doesn't let himself get out of position to make the big hit. Wasn't it game 6 last year of the playoffs where he pinched at the blueline to make a big hit and gave up a two on one the other way for a goal against?

strange... i didn't realize it was an article about last year's playoffs. guess i missed that line.

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