Wednesday, January 24, 2007


All-Star Game Night


Short-odds: Phaneuf gets abused on at least one odd-man rush; Kipper makes a spectacular pad save on a cross-ice play

Medium-odds: Phaneuf scores; Kipper gets torched for about 4 in his 20 minutes

Longshots: Kipper puts up the goose-egg; Phaneuf fustigates Eric Staal with a shoulder-on-chin open-ice hit and becomes the most hated player in the NHL

Score: 7-4 West, Marty Havlat gets the truck.

Go Flames (both of you).


I wanna see a fight!

What was the last big trade to happen at the All-Star game?

Was it the Bernie Nichols deal?


I wonder if Ruff and Hartley have even spoke to each other.

I was thinking it might be the Nichols deal, too. Was there one that involved Bure, or is my memory off?

Sandis Ozolinsh was traded to Anaheim the day before the 2003 all-star game. I remember there being some talk about which team he'd play for, since he'd changed conferences right before the game.

Is it just me, or does Bob Hartley look like Adam Sandler's dad?

Also, it seems they're actually skating this year. Next thing you know, they might knock each other down.

Bernie Nichols rocks!!!

Sorry man, but he's one of only two NHLers from my small home town...

I think with fewer of the really big stars at the game this year, the ones that think they were on the bubble may have tried a lot harder to make an impression...

Go Flames!

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