Friday, December 01, 2006


Voo-oote. Voo-oote. Voo-oote.

It's the last day to vote BoA for Best Sports Blog, people. We'd appreciate it if you got one more in today, if you haven't already.


After being within a few votes, we are now behind by close to a hundred. All hands on deck!!!


Down to fifty! PUSH! PUSH!!!


Down to twenty! HEAVY, HARD!!!


Jeez. I don't vote for presidents, governors, or even mid-season all-stars, and yet look at me--a fuckin' BoA votebot slave.

Last count: 604-500-206-174-135. Somebody's winning.

Hmm. I wonder who it is. If a bunch of people voted right now, I bet you we could tell. I should have thought of that before. I would have had two or three people vote at the same time.

I wish I knew how badly I was losing by.

You're like our Ralph Nader, Mirtle. Now Raptors Blog will take is into an unwinnable war with the Knicks. I hope you're happy.

It's back down to a 50 vote gap!

I hope I helped out enough :)


I felt really bad about voting. I mean, I voted randomly for every single category except for this. I mean isn't that a little cruel and heartless?

Thanx Rage.

Rage? Rage? Rage?

Sorry. Tenacious D. joke. Couldn't let it slip by.

I wanna know who's voting for a basketball blog. Can't we have them killed?

np, glad to help out. We have a lot of flames fans on our site, and close to 40,000 members should be able to kick some ass!


I think that, in honour of the LPC Convention Weekend, Mirtle should take all of his votes and throw them B of A's way.


I've offered a prime cabinet position, but he keeps rejecting my advances. He's totally Nadering out.

Anyone have an update on numbers?

Anyone have an update on numbers?

You can always take a look. Just vote again. It'll tell you to fuck off, but it'll also show you updated results.

641 - 594.

30+ out now - check your email.

Currently 661-650 right now.

Good luck!

Hopefully HF can tip the scales of the final push.

3 votes short atm.

Look like a 14 vote lead.

681-667, BoA in front.

I can't seem to vote from home. Did the poll close? (12:21 MT)

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