Sunday, December 10, 2006


Oilers/Hawks Post-game

Full disclosure: I chose to watch the Saints/Cowboys game over the Oilers game tonight. Booo!!! Hissssss!!! Yes, it's true. I didn't miss much, from the sounds of it. But I'd like to hear more from those who watched the game. I'll start it off with some notes from BoA reader Dale, who watched the game from the United Center, and then emailed me some thoughts after its completion. Thank you very much for the email, Dale, and let's hear from the rest of you! How'd we look? Why did we lose? Did we deserve to be shorthanded ten times? Was it the Martin Havlat show? Tell, tell!

"Hi Andy,

Well, this won't exactly be worthy of a guest post, but if you want some info from the United Centre for your post-game I can pass that along:

• We splurged for the $15 tickets this time, although the $10 tickets were still available at the door.

• Before the puck dropped, my friend said to me, "It's so empty, I bet you can yell to the players from way up here and they'll hear you. We can hear each individual person clapping."

• There were entire sections that had not a single person sitting in them.

Other than that, I think you saw the game. They got the early goals, we spent more time down two men than I think any team in the history of the NHL has, and I completely lost my voice screaming "We Surrender!" at the referees. I liked the second period, but that was about it. In the first we took all those penalties because the Hawks were skating circles around us. In the second I was convinced we would rise above and win this, and in the third the refs decided they wanted to dictate the game again.

Last comment: in an empty stadium, hitting the post sounds SO LOUD. We had two really loud ringers tonight."


Two? I just watched the game, there were three of them.

Game of inches. Not that we deserved to win, but... frig.

That bad a game, eh?

The rink was as quiet as this comment thread.

I watch this thing. The boys have been reading the papers again. They drifted from the only game plan they can carry out right now... KISS.
Horc tossed a Grenade at Shaggy an Havlat took that and made beauty goal to make it 3-1. The referee's ensured this game had no flow. Back to the basics and then can win games.
Anybody know why the Oilers sink/rise to the oppositions level? Is it a coaching issue MacT was pissed after the game... but really isn't his job to ensure the players execute the game plan. They do give you a time out use it.... although reading the riot act in Chicago the guy up in the bleeds would have heard it... That place was empty.

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