Thursday, December 21, 2006


Oilers Game Day -VNEVDVC

Record: 17-14-2Record: 12-19-1

Last Ten Games: 4-6 record. 25 goals for. 31 goals ggainst. 2 power play goals, dropping the team to 26th, ahead of Philly, Chicago, Phoenix and St. Louis. A .892 SV% from Dwayne Roloson.

Prediction: I have no idea. Really. It could be 6-2 either way. Any Oilers fan who suggests otherwise is lying to themselves, and to the world. But my fingers are crossed, and I'm hopeful. C'mon, boys!



Jekyll or Hyde? I wonder which team show up...

Am I behind in my viral marketing/pop culture references? Did I miss an entry in the glossary? What does VNEVDVC stand for? I assume it isn't the Vietnam Veterans of Diabol Valley. Or maybe it is.

Veni, Vidi, Castratavi per a calx defensor secundus

I came, I saw, I was castrated by a backup goaltender.

Let's hope not tonight.

Lets Start Juicy..... Give Rollie time to wrap some presents. Oiler 3-1. Big GG scores the Yotes goal.

Here's a puzzle to me: In baseball more teams means more pitchers which means more bad pitchers which means more runs, but in Hockey it seems that goalies are becoming relatively better and that the scorers are becoming worse resulting in fewer goals. Is this because goaltending in hockey is more important than pitching in baseball? Or is it because baseball changed a lot of their venues to advantage offense?

I think it is because goalies have simply gotten bigger, better, and because they wear bigger, lighter, padding.

Let's face it -- 15 years ago most goaltenders were the unathletic little brothers who just got put in net and never managed to get out. They had zero coaching, wore unbelievably heavy equipment, and had 2 moves: stack the pads, stand and hope to get hit.

Now, big, strong, athletic kids are steered towards goaltending, and there are dedicated goalie coaches to teach angles, butterfly techniques, etc.

Pitching has always been the glamour position in baseball, so improvements over the last little while have been more incremental. Meanwhile, weightlifting, etc., has made it easier for more batters to become better quickly.

Veni Vidi Vici

Here's hoping...

Well done, Daniel and Aaron.

As for goaltending vs. pitching, you can't ignore the fact that with expansion in the NHL came something known as the trap. In baseball, you can't really adjust to help your pitcher out. It's still him throwing a ball at a hitter. In hockey, you can adjust the team defence, and make things much harder for opposing teams.

I see the Flames game tonight is postponed because there was a blizzard yesterday. Wimps.

So, I guess I will watch the Oilers tonight instead. It will be one of those very rare times that I can cheer for Le GG and the Great One.

Go Coyotes!

I see. Were you making a politcal statement about i's?

Tired of iPods, iPhones, etc.? Don't need 'em anymore?

why are talking hockey and not cricket here???

4th Test. Melbourne.

Prediction: Ponting gets a triple-century in only a few hours. English weep at the MCG.

Gotta love hockey in the desert, may as well play with a fuckin tennis ball.

This game is a sure cure for insomnia.

What is with the officiating in this game?

It should not have been that fucking hard to beat the Yotes. Yes I know it was in Phx but the Oilers already lost one game to those bags of crap and for awhile it looked like this one could go as an L as well.

But Jussi held the fort and didn't give up very many poor bounds and basically didn't give the Yotes anything they didn't earn.

At the other end CuJo was in a zone until that last goal.

So who plays goal in the next game? If you go back to Jussi then Roli will have had 13 days off between games, ie Tues past to next Sat vs Dys.

I think I'd come back with Roli Sat in Dal and Tues vs LA but then put in Jussi for NEXT Sat vs Van and save Roli for NYE in Cgy.

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