Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Oilers Game Day-Predators

Record: 16-11-2Record: 18-8-3

Busy, busy with work this week, so no preview. I actually had to interrupt my viewing of all 105 unedited episodes of Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets, if you can believe it. Talk about a downer. Oh Zoltar, you villianous hemaphrodite, will you never learn?!

Choose Your Own Prediction:

If you decide to pick the Oilers, include the words, "Ca$hville," "Trotz," and "Gaylord," and discover The Antimatter Formula.

If you decide to pick the Predators, include the words, "Frist," "Upshall," and "Opry," and find out Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey.

If you decide to wait, you become a Prisoner of the Ant People, and are forced to eat ten Fool's Gold Loaves in the Cave of Time whilst listening to the music of Steven Curtis Chapman.



78 games of the year, I actually kinda like the Predators; they're fun to watch, and while their local fanbase is small, it's dedicated. GEC still has some of the trappings of a new market ("fang fingers"), but it's somewhat forgivable because they've got a hell of a hockey team this year. My heart says a stifling 2-1 Oilers victory, but my head is thinking more like a 5-2 Preds outclassing.

Oh, and if/when the Preds score, mute the TV unless you really like Tim McGraw. Fair warning.

I think I speak for everyone when I say...WTF was that? ;)

I love it when the Oil comes to town. It's one of the few times we get to sing/hear Oh, Canada!

Doogie's right...Tim McGraw's got to go. I'll take his wife, however.

5-2, Preds...goals by Sully (2), Vasicek, Radulov and Timonen.

WTF was that?

Funny shit Andy... but be careful, you're libel to feel old when your 'younger' readers don't get your references (even when you reference them in the same article). Soon you'll be so old that no one, from chimp-an-eh to chimp-an-zee, will get your references.

In the meantime, the Oil will head into Ca$shville tonight, straighten out the Gaylord center in a 6-1 romp, sending the hometown fans home with the Trotz. Yee-haw.

Funny shit Andy... but be careful, you're libel to feel old when your 'younger' readers don't get your references

It wasn't that I don't get the reference, I'm just wondering if he was smoking crack or something when he wrote this ;)

It wasn't that I don't get the reference, I'm just wondering if he was smoking crack or something when he wrote this ;)

Nope. Just sucking on some gobstoppers, flipping through my Garbage Pail Kids cards.

It wasn't that I don't get the reference, I'm just wondering if he was smoking crack or something when he wrote this

My apologies arcanas, I never doubted your popular-culture acuity, only that of the general 'younger' reader referenced in the post. With regards to Andy smoking crack with his sornflakes this morning? I can only assume maybe.

Battle of the Planets.

I think I remember that.

Other then that I get none of these references.

Cancel my subscription Grabia. If I want to listen to the rantings of someone hopped up on goofballs I'll talk to my three year old after she's been chowing on the Yule Log.

Or I'll listen to McGuire all jazzed up on Stoll-lust.

You aren't familiar with Choose Your Own Adventure books, Pat? Sad. So sad. How bout I cancel my subscription to you? How you like them, apples?

It's not Battle of the Planets unless my man 7-Zark-7 is in the hizzowse.

It's not Battle of the Planets unless my man 7-Zark-7 is in the hizzowse.

Don't forget 1-Rover-1. Or Susan, that computerized seductress.

How do I like them? I like them fine.

But why are you calling me "apples"?

I'd expect more from a man trained in the English.

All work and no play makes Andy a dull boy.

But... I could ask why you called me "subscription Grabia." Or why you want to cancel me.

Haven't I already warned you clowns about geek talk?

Haven't I already warned you clowns about geek talk?

Dude, a hockey blog is still a blog. Geek talk is unavoidable!

Is it just me or is AG losing just an absolute tonne of street cred?;)

I mean I know it was the Hawks but the guy missed Sunday night's game to watch the Saints/Cowboys game. If he's a fan of either team then I'll give him a pass but while I'm certainly an NFL fan, ie it will soon be cool once again to be a Titans fan;) he'd better have a good excuse!

Yes, Sunday night was an awesome night for TV given you had the Oilers game plus the season finale of The Wire, which is hands down the best TV show going and not in the vein of "Jack Bauer just escaped the clutches of 100 terrorists using just one pubic hair and a comb" plus you had the premiere of Sleeper Cell 2.

Yet AG misses the Oilers game and then he throws up a preview of the Preds game that consists solely of geekery?


I'd castigate him too (despite the fun reference), except then where would I turn? The Journal is breathlessly reporting that:

MacTavish says the key tonight is not turning the puck over in the neutral zone

Haven't I already warned you clowns about geek talk?

You do realize what YOUR blog consists of, right? Or IOF, for that matter?

And talk about losing stred cred. Only one person has done the "choose your own prediction." Shame on you all.


So many words, so little sense.

Yee-haw I'm the only one who chose my own adventure.

C'mon folks, a little help here. I'm still stuck at work and my scoreboard tells me we're taking it to them, but what's really going on?

Hop on over to IOF and I'll catch you up Drizz;)

And the geek talk will be at a limit:D

Have to agree with Dennis on The Wire, I plowed through the first two seasons on DVD in about a week. What a show.

Can we maybe park the 4th line tonight. Looks to me like they're getting destroyed.

Hop on over to IOF and I'll catch you up Drizz;)

Oh, so thats how it's gonna be, eh Dennis? Poaching my peeps? It is so on.

K, what is happening? All I see is that damn Fiddler, a tie game, and a shit load of shots.

is this on TVU?

i don't think so. i believe TVU is dead.

Hmm... Rod just called the Nashville goalie Bob Mason. I don't know whether to be disappointed by the mistake, or impressed that somewhere in his subconscious exists the memory of a goalie who played 145 games in the NHL, the last of which was over 15 years ago.

He probably meant Dave Mason, who had a lovely hit 30 years ago called "We Just Disgree."

Oh, so thats how it's gonna be, eh Dennis? Poaching my peeps? It is so on.

Sorry Andy, you weren't putting out... what's a girl to do?

Just got home and see we've thrown it away. Oh well.


Grabia, please cancel my subscription.

And Horcoff's too.

Head on a swivel son.


Dammit. 40 shots and a loss. Sounded like quite the game. Kevin Karius said, "fast and furious" about 67 times. Someone needs to buy the guy The Canadian Guide to Hockey Cliches so he can mix it up a bit.

Bank...how did you get into The Wire? I only started watching at Season 2. I'll give just about any HBO deal a shot as the cable TV is just so much better than network TV. But I didn't care The Wire at the beginning but I remember reading some great press about S2 and I got on board and have been a rabid fan ever since.

It is hands down the best show on TV...fucksakes it's even better than most movies.

So I gather you haven't watched S3 or 4? I loved S3 but S4 was just crazy good.

BTW..are you still mourning Frank Sobotka;) I'm excited that I've found an Oilers fan who also loves The Wire:)

I'll stop now as I'm getting all Grabia and shit;)

BTW...here's a new term for the Oilblogsphere...or at least I'll be using it:

"Horc"ing or "Horc"ed it: to miss open nets when you have the puck without five feet or less.

I know the guy works his guts out and plays the tough min but how many fucking gimmes can he miss??

No more talk about The Wire! I'm planning on chowing down on it over the holidays, so no more spoilers, Dennis. I have a friend who swears by it, although I find it hard to believe that it can be better than Deadwood, Battlestar Galactica, or Entourage. I really want to check out Rome, as well.

As for the game, it sounds like it was a total soul killer. And I'm hearing hints that McGeough was up to his old tricks. True?

Andy...I don't watch BSG but I hear some great things about it. I just can't get past the setting even though I know it's just methaphorical.

And listen I like Entourage and it's a good little show and everyone in the industry says it's spot on. But it's an absolute insult to compare that to the wire. the wire is dense and layered with sub text and every ep almost requires dual multiple viewings.

I've drawn two of my buddies into it and it's becoming more and more popular, The Sports Guy now pimps it on a reg basis, but I'm proud to say I was on board almost from the beginning.

BTW...I know all of season four is online and I'm pretty sure the same goes for season 3. I'm thinking you'll get so caught up in it that you'll be finished it by the end of Jan.

Sorry for that little spoiler but one thing about the wire is that it's ultra realistic and/or depressing so you see things coming a mile away but it's the journey that draws you in. This isn't M. Night Shamaylaian stuff;)

Dennis - season 4 was on our local cable service's free video on demand. I was working late from the couch one night, and, after hearing it mentioned in the SG's column, gave it a shot. I was totally hooked after about 20 minutes of the first episode of season 4, watched all 4 episodes that night.

Two days later I tracked down the box set for S1, and watched the whole thing over one weekend when I had the stomach flu. Bought S2 shortly after that, and S3 is on my xmas list.

Just an incredible show, I've never seen anything that even comes close, not the Sopranos, not Deadwood, and Entourage isn't even in the same conversation, not ven close.

Sobotka was an interesting cat, the best of intentions. I think my favorite character is the Bunk.

You're right about S4 though, just wow.

S3 really sets the stage for S4 in terms of all the politics...both in the gang wars and at city hall.

So you haven't seen S3 yet?

I've seen S1 and 2 multiple times but as of yet I haven't rewatced S3 or 4 but I will do so over the holidays.

I've never seen a show that's so good where fans will just jump right in knowing they missed some back eps. The show is just that good.

Yeah I like Bunk as well but I really like Lester.

Yeah, haven't seen S3 yet, not the easiest box set to find in Saskatoon. I had to special order both S1 & 2.

I dig Lester too.

And I thought St. John's was bad;)

I found S1 and 2 at Rogers Video and I rented both. S3 still hasn't shown up here yet though but I'm covered because one of my buds burned S3 and 4 from online.

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