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Oilers Game Day-Blue Jackets

Record: 6-16-2Record: 13-9-2

Capture taken from Yahoo Sports.

Nuff said.

Prediction 2-1, Oilers. Pisani and Winchester.

P.S. For all those begging that the Oilers pick up a defenceman, and I'm not yet one of them, I should let you know that Ossi Vaananen is available. Spector is suggesting that Philly and Montreal are two teams who might be interested. Should the Oilers be another? They'd have to trade within the division, but it would likely cost them only a middle draft pick or a prospect. The cap hit would be $997,500, and he's a UFA at the end of the year. I don't think he has a ton of offensive upside, but it would be another stable body at the back end. He's also got 380 NHL games under his belt.

***Saturday morning update***

Spector is reporting, via the Chicago Daily Herald, that the Hawks are looking for forwards, and are willing to deal any of their defenceman besides Seabrook and Keith. With Leopold returning to action in Colorado, Rathje possibly retiring in Philly, and Souray on the market in Montreal, there could be some action on the back end over the next little while. Or there could not.


I'm still not sold on the Oilers needing to make any trades.

Whether or not we can get out of our end, we generally do quite decently within our end.

Whether or not we can get into the opposing end, we generally do quite decently within the opposing end.

The problem is what comes inbetween. Those are coachable fundamentals, and with what these guys are getting paid, drilling them on that stuff like they're ten-year-olds doesn't seem unreasonable to me.

Maybe it's just me, but I blame MacT/coaching staff, not the D. And seriously, once we can manage to get the puck out of our zone, and manage to get the puck into the other zone, we're a top 5 team in the league, easy.

We actually looked pretty good for around 8 minutes of the Colorado game.

Trying to sound positive here.

I like Vaananen. He might cost you more than you'd think, however, especially within the division... he's a big kid and was considered a pretty solid prospect in his Phoenix days.

Colorado does have to move someone from their backend, though.

once we can manage to get the puck out of our zone, and manage to get the puck into the other zone, we're a top 5 team in the league, easy.

Isn't this a tautology?

Yeah I like Ossi too. I've only ever read or heard great things about him so even though he's UFA I'd imagine the Avholes will be looking for a decent return.

Nice job on the standings AG.

I don't know if the Oil think highly of Kukkonen but I wouldn't waste a lot of time talking to Tallon unless I thought I could claw;) Seabrook or Keith away from him.

One last thing AG. Any really hot guys on the Jackets who turn your crank:D

I'm pretty certain he's not a UFA. This is his 6th NHL season and he won't be 27 until August next year. That definitely does not make him a pending UFA and makes him a pretty attractive target.

I have to say this game worries me. It won't be the old BJ's were using to seeing and I hate it anytime we play against a Hitch team.

Plus the last time Roli went cold he sucked for three of the next four games and he wasn't great in his last game beofre he finally began playing great in Mtl.

BAM! 1-0 Columbus.

I sense danger.

anyone know what the deal is with smyth?

He cut his hand.

While we still have a good chance to win this game, if I was MacT, I would forfeit just to save face.

Hitch coming to town behind the Blue Jackets bench is like coming to school for the start of grade 12 and finding out that the guy who's bullied you for four or five years got in a bad accident and is now stuck in a wheelchair.

And then he beats hell out of you with his leg brace.

Fractured thumb for Smytty.

Nuff said.

The Canucks are three points out of first place.

Nuff Said :-)

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The Canucks are three points out of first place.

Have you been watching the Canucks play? While the Oilers are putting forth a shitty effort, and getting shitty results, the Canucks work their asses off and still can't come up with a win. If I were a Canucks fan, I would be far more concerned with the present and future of my team.

Seriously, the Canucks?

I'm pretty certain he's not a UFA.

He is, according to Irish Blues. He hasn't done me wrong yet.

Seriously, we are losing 3-0 to the COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS!? Time to start firing people. This really is like last year.

Can we maybe start holding MacTavish accountable for some of this? I'm not suggesting that he gets canned, but seriously. The fucking Blue Jackets?

Perhaps time for Schremp to make an appearance in the bigs? I bet he could find some chemistry with Sykora.

3-0? I hope you win that freakin blog thing, or we have NOTHING!

If I were a Canucks fan, I would be far more concerned with the present and future of my team.

In two months Roloson will be injured... but we'll still have Luongo :-)

It was really more a statement about the general shittiness of the entire division so far. Each team has had moments of glory followed by (or preceeded by) depths of despair.

But hey, the Canucks could be one point out of first after tonight!

Iim pretty sure Irish Blues did you wrong this time. According to the CBA for the 2007-2008 season, he has to have 7 seasons or be 28 years old as of June 30th. Vaananen doesn't fill either requirement.

The Oilers are screwed with all these injuries. They just have to hang on for a few games until they get one of Hemsky or Smyth back.

Time for a suicide pact???

Losing to Columbus? I wish I had not gone tonight. That's three hours I'll never get back.

It looks like Hitchcock's managed to do something with what he had there... the Blue Jackets have been in every game so far since he signed on.

Don't worry, lads and lasses. A four-year contract? MacTavish is more untouchable than MC Hammer.

Hmmm I think someone helped me out. I only got to see the 1st forty minutes of this via TVU. Was in the second intermission when it died. No attempt to resuscitate.
Smyth that hurts but given Ryan's shoot skills does he really use the thumb much?
They can find a way, maybe the road is the place for them to be. I just hope this is not a repeat of last year...

Smyth out for a month?

Ok folks, say it with me:

All of Moreau, Smyth, and Hemsky out, and 25 Anaheim cruising along to a Norris/Hart type season. I am starting to doubt my beliefs in that thing we call "karma".

The Canucks are one point out of first in the Northwest.

Oh, and Fredrick Norrena got a shutout tonight.

how many more games of the cup-less Canucks played than the Oil?

nice to see them back on the 2-goal per game limit path...lord knows 2 goal/game win a lot of hockey games

on another is the NW ever tight!
go Oilers!


The thumb is about more than shooting. Try receiving a firm pass with no thumb, or maintaining a grip on your stick while bugging people in front of the net and guys are hacking away at it, or effectively stickhandling under pressure, or whipping in a solid pass, or lunging to your right side to keep the puck in...

This isn't to say it's impossible to play through it, but it would hurt his effectiveness drastically on the ice.

that one was far more embarrasing than the 7-3 loss

I thought JF Jacques was our best player last night... anybody else?

Vaananen doesn't fill either requirement.

From IB:

2000-01: 81 games played in Phoenix
2001-02: 76 games played in Phoenix
2002-03: 67 games played in Phoenix
2003-04: 79 games played (67 in Phoenix, 12 in Colorado)
2004-05: lockout, players given credit for accrued season
2005-06: 53 games played with Colorado
2006-07: current season, will get an accrued season unless something bizarre happens and he's not on an NHL roster for at least 40 games this year.

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