Friday, December 08, 2006



I really miss Big Georges. Vic has a great post up about him over at IOF, and this clip of him fighting Raistlin Majere Raitis Ivanans made me laugh and tear up at the same time. He's still my favorite Oiler, and I've found no one to replace him. Fernando's close, and Reasoner and Horc have been getting some Maguire-like adoration from me lately, but my heart is still with Le GG. And now I'm sad.


He's such a gentleman! Georges seems to be having a banner year. Good for him.

Raistlin Majere...awesome reference, man. I laughed out loud at work, which is bad ;)

I do what I can.

I miss Georges. He will always be an Oiler.

I too love Georges but he didn't have a place here last year. Nice to see him lighting it up again.

He would be 5th in scoring on our team right now, tied with Lupul and Horcoff, and ahead of Pisani.

I love him crazy love. My friend and I both predicted a great year for him but I was kind of not convinced to be honest. Now he's just... awesome.

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