Saturday, December 16, 2006


Flames Game Night

The Flames head into Phoenix to play the Coyotes tonight (7PM MT, radio only). I think JR is getting back into the PHX lineup -- uh, he should be really motivated and have a strong game?

For you Oiler fans while Andy's still in the basement, Scott Cruickshank had a neat piece in the Herald. Can you believe who the Coyotes' best line has been in the last month? OMG!
"OK, the media, they call it the OMG line, which stands for Oh My God," says Laraque, still chortling. "And, you know, O for Oleg, M for Mike and G for Georges. But I don't know about giving a whole line a name. The only line that was deserving of a name was the Legion of Doom (Eric Lindros, John LeClair, Mikael Renberg).

"But the Oh My God line? Of all things."

Nevertheless, over the past 14 National Hockey League games, the trio has cranked out 30 points, including 14 goals.

Apparently Brad Ference has been recalled from Omaha, but I'm not clear on whether he or Richie Regehr will be drawing in for Hamrlik. Question: can't we get a Ference named Doug or David? My brother-in-law inspired a half-gag where when Andrew Ference cocks up, it's because he's not playing Defence, he's playing A-Fence. Anyway, I hope we don't see too much B-Fence tonight; plain old effective Defence would be just fine.

Or, thereabouts. I'll predict a 4-3 Calgary win (Iginla, Huselius, Richie, Kobasew). Go Flames.


Flames 6 Doggies 3:

Kind of a sloppy win, sounds like Kipper didn't have his A game going, but Iggy continues to roll with another 4 points. Two things seem pretty clear; 1)Phoenix is really a bad team and 2) Of the contending teams in the West; Flames, Vaunt, Mild, Canucks, its going to be vital NOT to leave points on the table when playing PHX, because your opponents probably won't.

Iginla. Awesome.

Good ol' northwest:

Oil in first with 36, Wild in last with 34, and 3 teams in between.

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