Friday, December 01, 2006


Flames Game Day-Columbus

Record: 6-15-2
Record: 11-10-2


I don't know whether Matty, Matt, Matt is going to throw anything up, so I'll just put up a quick post for all you Flames lovers out there, and let you run the show. The Blue Jackets stink, so the Flames should win this game. Then again--and it eats me up to say this--one of those 6 Blue Jackets victories on the year came against Calgary. Here's hoping both teams mutilate each other.

Prediction 0-0, with the Flames winning in the 27th round in OT.

MATT UPDATE, 708PM: this is a lame effort on my part, so I'll go with the lame prediction, that being a 2-1 Flames win (Langkow & Lundmark). I sincerely hope it's just me who's tentative. Go Flames.

MATT UPDATE, 936PM: KNEEEELLLLL!!!! Why yes, I am pissed that I didn't pick Super 7 numbers.


Actually, the lack of Matt's pick is ominous, he was on such a roll, its like a letter to Santa, c'mon Matt get your prediction in on time!

this is a lame effort on my part, so I'll go with the lame prediction, that being a 2-1 Flames win

Matt's been so money with his predictions lately that nobody in their right mind should watch this game.

Guaranteed stinker.

You can't stop Ron Hainsey, you can only hope to contain him.

I knew that one was coming, LT. And, well-deserved.

Cripes! 2-1 Flames in the third.

Got any stock picks Matt?

I always forget just how much Roger Millions annoys me.

Am I the only one who thought that second Calgary goal was bush league?

The play really should stop if the goal judge is that trigger-happy (and the guy in Calgary has been trigger-happy for a while..).

I have a lab exam tomorrow morning and I'm finding a Calgary Columbus game (without booze, thanks to the exam) more interesting than the subject matter - how pathetic is that?


So Matt - Any 649 picks?

Yeah, the 2nd goal was cheap. There probably should have been a third. Call those 2 a saw-off.

Clearly, Matt needs to be burned as a witch.

Although, predicting a boring Flames game isn't that impressive.

Ya, I was going to suggest 2-1 Flames initially, as it just makes sense. Still eery, though.

I predict 27 more 2-1 games, 5 more 1-0 games, and 21 more 3-2 games. Sincerely, Kresgin.

Scary Matt. Downright scary,

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