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Peter wrapped things up nicely, I think. Amazing: Dan Cloutier had a .840SV% tonight, and let in a unscreened shot from Tony Amonte from the far side of the blueline, and probably won't win J.P.'s Aiken Award tomorrow morning.

Much better than the win tonight, though, was the performance of Boyd and Moss. I don't know that they'll stick with the team; I don't know that they'll deserve to. But tonight, I have hope that the 3rd/4th lines may not be an offensive void for indefinitely.

They weren't awesome, by any means. But Moss scored a goal, Boyd assisted on it, and Boyd had a breakaway too. Pro-duc-tion. Moss could get shut out for the next dozen games and still have a better goal scoring rate than Marcus Nilson, Byron Richie, Darren McCarty, Jeff Friesen, and Jamie Lundmark do right now. Whatever - I wanted to point out one last thing, bedtime contrast.

Last night, the Flames were faced with a deficit that they weren't going to come back from, and Robyn Regehr -- who fights about once a year -- took on Anaheim's enforcer Moustache Parros and fought him to a draw (and apparently referred to him as Yanni in a postgame interview).

Tonight, the Leafs were faced with a deficit that they weren't going to come back from, and Mike Peca -- who is still occasionally described as having "heart" -- took an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty, a 10-minute Misconduct, and a Game Misconduct.

But his faceoffs! ...and the blah, blah claven

UPDATE: Eastern media bias strikes again! J.P. has given Andrew Raycroft the Aiken Award. I dunno... did Raycroft allow two from behind the goal line? I know you can't blame Roloson's problems on Hal Gill breakaway passes.

Ah, who cares. The creation of the Aiken Award was such a stroke of genius, I could never stay mad at J.P., up in his ivory tower in the District, watching TSN and reading Damien Cox...


Why would Peca go out and fight? If anything, Belak should have gone out there.

And it's not just his faceoff prowess but his stellar penalty killing too.

"Amazing: Dan Cloutier had a .840SV% tonight"

That's Vezina material comparative to Rollover's abomination tonight.

That lickbag blogger "Dude" might want to re-evaluate his goalies.

HAHAHA, Do you really think that the Big Douche would criticize an Oiler?

Did Canucks' fans have PTSD flashbacks on that goal from the blueline?

Hey, I gave Poop-chute-Cloots an Aiken too! And I would've thrown Rolie Five-Holie on there too, but thought three Aikens would be overkill (and even that would have left Ray Emery out).

Crappy night for goalies everywhere, eh?

It was fucking '80s Night out there. Four games had at least nine goals scored, and only one had fewer than five.

I turned off the game in disgust after the third straight Colorado goal, and it turns out I missed an interesting finish, but then I also enjoyed my Zul'Farrak run, so it balances out.

And speaking of scoring, what the hell's with all these 5-3 games by the Flames lately? I thought those were illegal in Cowtown.

Looks like all of the Oil faithful have lost the faith and abandoned the site.

Huzzah! The future looks good when your minor league team can win a road game against a real NHL team. OK, the Kings. But still.

Go Flames!!

So the Stanley Cup dynasty Habs had so much respect for the integrity of the game (as did all teams of the era, I realize) that when their goalie took a shot to the noodle they grabbed from the stands a guy who had been playing for the Boston Calculators (that must have been a juggernaut). And these are what we call the good old days?
"Hey Grampa Cleghorn, tell me about the time you put 5 behind J.D. Aiken?"

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