Tuesday, December 05, 2006


5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - . . .

I'm impatiently waiting for some inspired comments regarding the final two sentences in this otherwise enjoyable article on the noise levels in Skyreach during the Cup run.

I haven't seen a Public Service segue that funny since, the Very Special Episode of Family Ties when Alex Keaton got hooked on diet pills so he could stay up late and study.


It certainly lends some ammo to the previously entirely subjective "my arena is louder than yours" debate.

I really had no idea it got that loud in there. I've been to what I thought were loud rinks (no, not the ACC) but I've always been able to communicate with others without screaming.

I think the canonical reference these days is Jessie Spano rather than Alex P. Keaton.

Damn -- how did I forget that one.

It is so good that it moved beyond Very Special Episode status and into Narm territory.

Repeated exposure to loud noise? Are they talking about the arena on 71st St and 118th Avenue in Edmonton built in the early 70s with lots of banners in the rafters. I don't recall ever begging an usher for earplugs, sorry. Maybe these guys took their readings during a Monster Truck event.

Skyreach eh?

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