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Looks like Magoo was having a bit of trouble figuring out how many seconds were left when Horcoff didn't glove the puck.

That is a... very bad call. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of fans, btw.


Holy shit..
Worst call of the year?

Magoo is an id. Good aim by the fan at the end.

Worst part is no one will remember we didn't deserve to win that game. But wow. Two awful calls by the refs tonight.

It's gotta be his new helmet.


Deserve to win has nothing to do with it. The score is what matters, and Magoo decided to intervene on the behalf of the "deserving" winners. What a joke.

It's called consequences for actions. Players have consequences, coaches, GMs, there's no way a ref should be exempt. Especially for something this brutal. He should be suspended, and that should be involved in an Oiler game, ever.

- Rod

er, meant to say:
"that should be the last time he's involved in an Oiler game, ever"

- Rod

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of fans, btw

Let's fight Matt. Right now. To the death. Like in Star Trek. Cue the music. Doo do doo doo doo doo doo. do do dooo.

Where the fuck is my Trident!?

On other angle...was the over/under 5.5?...

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of fans?

Go FUCK yourself Matt!

And yes, I have posted here before, so this is NOT a drive by.

Hejda's wandering??


Over/Under on that call--and refs being able to chat and get it right like in baseball--being on the Hot Stove and every hockey show/article over the next two days?

I'm not so sure the Oilers deserved to lose that game either. The Stars only had three goals, one of which was clearly not legal. The Oilers outplayed them in the second and had some good control in the third despite the dearth of chances.

Apparently McGeough did start to wave it off just as Stoll was shooting which might explain how Hemsky got to the rebound so easily. However, a cleanly won faceoff with seven seconds left and an extra man on the ice is what the Oilers deserved after that call. Too bad the best the rules can give them is a faceoff outside the zone with the clock reset to the point at which Stoll touched the puck. That's just terrible.

I wouldn't worry about anything Matt says at this point. All the Flames have left is scraps of schadenfreude. Hope left Calgary a couple of weeks ago. It was walking off into the sunset arm in arm with the Will To Live.

Heh, SweatyO, that sounds like the most disgusting cereal ever.

Anyway, I actually changed that phrasing in an update, but Andy was obviously updating as well, and Last Update Wins. The reword, IIRC:

"Nice job by the Drugstore fans on the reenactment of 'the start of tonight's game will be delayed by a message from the recruiter for the Springfield Communist Party'."

There is no way the Stars stopped playing. Turco said he heard it, but said that he didn't stop playing. It happened too fast, and the crowd was too loud. The fact is, he shouldn't be so agressive in making that call, especially when he's behind four guys and on the wrong side of the ice. The other ref gets to make that call. As for the linesman, I don't think they can whistle the play on that, can they? Which is retarded in its's own right.

Will we get two suspensions out of this? Both refs made HUGE errors tonight. And I'm sure MacT or Lowe is gonna get fined.

Sorry about cutting into the update, Matt. But I'd still fight you. With my Trident. And then skip town.

Also, I missed the first period (CGY-CBJ) tonight, so what I saw makes me pretty happy (and, wasn't boring at all, the Friesen-in-mud shootout attempt aside).

Obsessing over when a team's coach is going to be fired, however, is a specialty of TSN Insiders and the OilBoards, and not a going concern of this guy. But 79, if you want to take your frustration out on me instead of fellow Oiler fans for a change, go right ahead. :)

I'd rather listen to communists than see Mick McGeough.

I need to save that one.

And where you getting Matheson from, Cosh? Is it on 630 Ched?

Watch SportsNet in the next hour or two if you can as well. Blinkie McFast Talk has been going ballistic about how bad the call was.

So let me get this straight. Dallas gets the opening goal by bumping Roloson (apparently a player of Lindros' size is below the visual acuity of tonight's refs). Then, in the dying seconds, Magoo can see a puck through a number of players, skates, and sticks. That's a miraculous vision improvement in just a few hours. Sign me up for that treatment! Then again, if the side effect is that I can't fit into an XXXL jersey...

Matheson was on SportsNet about half an hour ago. That was tough to watch with no one but my teddy bear for company - although Katrina was pretty outraged too.

No wonder I'm smoking again.

That's a miraculous vision improvement in just a few hours.

The other ref missed the Lindros call, no? But I guess the idea stands. Magoo had no problem making the second call from far away. Why not the first?

I hate McGeough so much...what a terrible call.

mudcrutch79 - oh yeah, he used "retarded". A couple times. Couple that with "spastic", and the Oilers are going to be getting negative feedback from Epilepsy suffers and people with mental disabilities over the next few days.

Matt - you may or may not read Oilfans....I used to roll with the handle HBomb (do so on CP too). Yeah, the name sounds like gross cereal, but the name change helped raise over $500 for breast cancer research. So that's the story on that.

Oilers 7W-6L
Flames 3W-7L-2ETL

Things aren't so bad, I suppose...

Matt likes cancer

That's like the whole "If NHL fans were like inmates at a prison, Flames fans would be the pedophiles" line.

Pretty tasteless, but I openly admit that I find tasteless funny on occasion.

Anything to make me laugh tonight is good stuff.

Andy i was just listening to 630 ched and a few callers pointed out that the linsemen CAN make that call along with a few other things. High sticks, glove passes, too many men among other calls are all allowed to be made by linsemen.

So this makes me wonder, at such a crucial time in the game, why did Magoop have zero faith in the other 2 officials who had better views of the play?

- Doug

Heh. I dunno, everyone hates Matt for some reason, but his post sums it up rather sympathetically.


Fukkkkkkkkkin Ridiculous. I just watched a tape of the game. Deserved to win?!?! Oil shoulda won that game by 2! I don't even know if I should be a hockey fan at this point. There is no disputing the call...from ANY angle. The league MUST issue some kind of public apology, at least ACKNOWLEDGE the fuk-up, give the Oil fans some closure. F.

Well, from Andy's link in another article:

While Turco was sympathetic toward the Oilers, he said he heard the whistle and had stopped moving on Hemsky's shot.

"The whistle had gone a long time before the puck went in," he said. "That's what we were going off of. It's a tough break for them. Who knows what would have happened?

"But the whistle went as he was shooting. I had already reacted to the whistle. I could have smothered it or swatted it away. I'm sure they are disappointed but by no means should that be thought of as a possible goal."


I'd just like to say that Ferraro and Quinn said it was Hemsky who scored the disallowed goal, actually it was Smytty, and its quite obvious on the behind the net replay cam. An amazing effort by Jesus on Skates.

Oh, and the Turco 'I stopped playing' explanation is obvious bullshit. You can clearly see him make an attempt to get in front of the rebound shot, and he just wasn't able to. Unless that whistle kept him from altering the space time continuim, that shot was going in the net.

Yeah Turco's playing the "I wasn't trying card" is pretty lame. He's pretty obviously pissed in moments after the goal. Probably not the best time to point it out, but as Horc was saying, the Oilers' really weren't playing very well most of the game anyway. Sure it's a bitch, but it's not entirely McGoo's fault that we lost. We still continuously had a terrible transition game, getting stoned trying to get past our blueline.

why did Magoo have zero faith in the other 2 officials who had better views of the play?

Because he's a wildly flailing prima donna. And yeah, that's the worst part. It wasn't even his job to make that call.

The ironic thing - and by ironic I mean complete screwjob - is that at the end of the second period of the Caps/Thrashers game, Dainius Zubrus scored but the ref immediately waived it off saying that Chris Clark had made a hand pass up to Zubrus. But the refs went upstairs (and to Toronto) and they reviewed it, saw that Clark never touched it, and gave the Caps the goal.

This was ridiculous.

As much as I like to see the Oilers lose, you clearly got the screw job tonight by the Refs.

Also, is there a better team than the Oil at scroing critical goals with only a few seconds left?

Also, is there a better team than the Oil at scroing critical goals with only a few seconds left?

The game isn't over until the final buzzer sounds...

...or until McGeough says it ends.


If so, the Oilers should hold D Cell Battery Night.

Unfortunately, November 28th has already been scheduled as "Free condom, baby soother, and midget-tossing championship night".

D-cell batteries would just make it too intense...

I think saying they "didn't deserve to win" may be true in that one way or another we have to stop playing catch-up in games. Having to come back from 2-0 sucks and they HAVE TO stop putting themselves inthat position.

BUT - I'm not sure what would have happened momentum-wise if the goalie interference call had been made at the beginning of the game. It's tough to say for sure but if it had been called we wouldn't have been down 2-0... and intangibles - like momentum - do count.

The positive may be that I do think they played hard and fast for more of this game then they have some of the others... and this may be the thing to fire them up for this road trip. Crossed fingers and knock wood.

I would have just dump my gear and skated off in protest... I guess that's why I'm not in the pros.

Well that and my overall lack of skill.

I think the Oilers should just give MacTavish a 10K raise.

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