Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Who? Me?

I don't even want to get into that shit-show from last night, other than to say I love Ryan Smyth even more for taking the blame for the loss. I watched the game with Cosh and Avi, plus a couple of hotties, and Cosh remarked that the overtime gaffe should cost Smyth a million bucks on his new deal. He was joking--sorta--but I think Smyth earned it all back with his post-game "I'll take the heat" stance. I'm always sceptical about the effect intangibles have on the outcome of a game, but I certainly don't doubt the effect it has on a fan-base. Yokels like me lap that up. It's stuff like that that makes Smytty what he is in Edmonton, a Golden Hockey God. Amen, Hallelujah, Yes Sir!!!

Anyway, because I refuse to talk about that "game" anymore (I think my mind, and sanity, was obliterated at the 19:44 mark of the 3rd), I thought I'd broach a fun, but vitally important subject that was raised around the table last night. It's obvious that the Oilers have some squee worthy beefcakes on their roster. Stoll, Moreau, Lupul, Sykora and Reasoner immediately come to mind. But do they in fact have the best looking roster in the entire NHL? Has anyone done an "objective" comparison? Has a winner been declared? This is what I, and the others I was with last night, would like to know. Obviously I am no expert in this regard, so I'd like to open the floor up to those who are. Thoughts? Direction? Bueller?


I'm sure this is not the first time that someone has "come out" on the net but it still feels weird nonetheless.

Well I was going to go with a Lance Bass photo, but I figured it would be too obvious...


And Roli's gonna have to drop off a little too because he was so hot.

Uh, Dennis. You want to share something with the group?

Is it April Fool's Day already?

I thought Smyth had a heck of a game last night. He came back into his own zone to save a dman more than a few times last night. He was also the only Oiler to consistently generate scoring chances. Pretty hard to blame him for that one IMO.

The loss of Hemsky is going to hurt. The PP was seriously useless once he was gone. Smyth and Pisani are doing well to get puck possession, but the Oilers don't have enough legitimate skill players to handle the puck with Hemsky gone.

Andy, you're cutting hot-oil's grass here - that's bad juju I think.

omg. squee!

Lupul, yes, squee. Moreau, yes, squee. But Ference? ooh-la-la... heh. I really should drool so much over the Oil, but I do sometimes... Reasoner? I didn't know he was so pretty until last night, after that first goal, but... in the NHL, the biggest squee worthy team? hmm... Maybe if we posed the question to the women of HLOG to defend their team's squee-ness?

(I know my team squee-factor was severely downgraded when we acquired Parros... the moustache has got to go!)

P.S. I think Ryan Smyth is hott too, but I haven't been able to figure out if it's because of his skill on the ice or because he's pretty... For some reason, I think my squee over Smyth is more so his play than his looks... so I don't know if that counts.

I really should drool so much over the Oil, but I do sometimes...

I meant to say "should NOT" drool. I apparently was squee'ing too much to pay attn to my own writing.

Don't try and turn it around on me AG.

You're attracted to's no big deal buddy!!

You're attracted to's no big deal buddy!!

It is in Alberta.

I used to enjoy reading sites like these. What is the world coming to? The Canadian Blog award is slipping away. At least I still have LT.

Hot Oil could never do an "objective" evaluation. That said, the Oil is clearly the best-looking team in the NHL.

Andy, you're cutting hot-oil's grass here - that's bad juju I think.

No, no. I was looking for their guidance on the matter.

Wow. Anonymous homophobe up there is going to be really upset when he sees LT's post about Dragan Umicevic. I hear he's good looking in a Bay City Rollers type of way.

The Hot-off is germinating in strange and terrifying ways.

And this is definitely a hot team. Magni Thoresen can make up for anyone.

Not homophobe. More like hockey fan. Until someone at IOF writes a 10,000 word essay on the correlation between 'hot-or-not' rating and ESP/hr, this isn't something I want to read on my favorite hockey sites.

I think everyone is just a bit let down by the last game, and would rather not talk about hockey right now.

I think everyone is just a bit let down by the last game, and would rather not talk about hockey right now.

Agreed, which is why I said "I refuse to talk about that game anymore." And you don't have to just talk about stats and strategy all the time. In fact, the whole point of such practices is to have fun doing something silly.

Ryan Smyth, before you watch him play hockey and handle the media, is NOT hot. After you've seen him do both, I don't think it's possible not to fall in love with the guy. But, hands down, the winner of squee has to go to a non-Oiler: Roberto Luongo. He's got that gorgeous Italian look, he'll always keep his face and teeth intact and it can't hurt that he's incredibly flexible ;-)

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