Friday, November 10, 2006


Time flies

I can't believe it's been more than a dozen years since Sergei Fedorov won the Hart Trophy. Did you know that apart from Calder winners, there are only two active players in the NHL with "older" trophy wins than Fedorov? (Ed Belfour, Vezina in 91 & 93; Chelios, Norris in '89). Hell, there's only 3 Calder winners from before '94 that are still active. (It also kind of blows my mind that Joe Nieuwendyk has been in the league 3 years longer the Ed Belfour, aka Rich Uncle Skeleton).

Also, Martin Brodeur won the Calder Trophy the same year Fedorov won the Hart, and is presently only 5 wins back of the aforementioned Skeleton for 2nd-most in an NHL career.


Within the first 2 minutes, it's nice to see a good ol' Alberta welcome for he who shall not be named!

I feel old.

Thanks Matt!

Also related:

"Did you know that this coming Boxing Day will be the tenth anniversary of the last five-goal game by any NHL player? If that doesn't seem like a long time, let me remind you that the victim on all five of Sergei Fedorov's goals was '96 Vezina winner Jim Carey. In the ten years prior to Fedorov's big night, there had been nine such games, including three by Mario Lemieux alone..."

I hope that we see another five goal game soon.

Marty Brodeur is now over 80 career shutouts. Is it possible that he has a shutout against every NHL hockey team?

Fedorov used to be exciting to watch. Now, nadda. What happened to him?

he got tired; all those millions of dollars don't spend themselves.

Um. I realize much of the audience probably knows that item about five-goal games is lifted from me, but some kind of citation or hyperlink would still be nice.

For the record, I also hope we see another five-goal game soon, and with multiple hat tricks happening on many NHL evenings I suspect we will.

Sorry colby... I'm not a frequent enough poster to realize that I should have given recognition to the author. Next time, I promise (but what's a hyperlink?)

I just want to see a Leaf score 5 goals in a game to VTech has to shell out 1 million dollars haha.

I'm sure it would be VTech's insurance company doing the shelling out.

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