Sunday, November 12, 2006


Oilogosphere Street Classic: Game 2 Photos

Top (Left to Right): Aaron, Kevin, Jeremy, Par, Daniel, Gary, Bobby, Margaret, Allan, Robert, Travis, Steve, Jenn

Bottom (Left to Right): Pleasure Motors, Jeremy, James, Adrian, Darron, Me, Ender (in goalie gear)

Last time, it was water puddles. This time, it was the white stuff. I had a beauty site all picked out, and then it snowed. That caused problems--such as the inability to stick handle or get a proper shot off until about 3 hours into the game--but we made due. In fact, we attacked with vigour. My Battle of Alberta team pulled off the win over Pleasure Motors' Covered in Oil team. The final score was 13-10. We chased two goalies, and had the third one throwing fits. Pleasure Motors obviously feels comfortable with all of us now, as he was attempting to wreak havoc all day by throwing his body around. The big highlight of the game was Bobby catching the blade of his stick in the snow, vaulting himself three feet into the air, and impaling himself. Unfortunately it wasn't caught on film, but imagine Sergei Bubka on a snowy courtyard. Majestic.

My photos are here. Slideshow is here. For the "artsy/high quality" pictures, check out Aaron's photos here, and his slideshow here.

I'm missing names again, so if you drop the names in the comments, or email me, I'll fix it. Consensus seemed to be in having one more game in late November, early December. Then Dave and I will work on the grandaddy of them all, the Christmas Classic.

And yes, I wore my Whalers jersey. It worked. Again. There is a strange power in that sweater, let me tell you.



So jealous.

I'm in a city in southern Taiwan for a year. Today I found two shops that sell inline skates, and they have a few used road hockey sticks mixed in. There are some expats who play once a week at the university, right on the ocean, so I'm looking forward to that alot more than most rational people would be.

My heart aches when I see pictures of people playing and skating though, I think I'm gonna miss having snow.

The guy in the Canada Jersey next to me (our brilliant Roloson-esque starting goalie) is also Jeremy.

The afternoon was complete fun from start to finish. Thanks for putting that together, guys. I hadn't played any form of hockey for quite some time, and it's nice to even have that itch back (my first thought upon getting home was thinking about when I'd get a chance to buy some tennis balls or something.)

Can't wait for the next one. Maybe we'll even see Dave drop the gloves during that one. Fingers crossed.

The guy in the Canada Jersey next to me (our brilliant Roloson-esque starting goalie) is also Jeremy.

More like Tretiak. Man, he stopped everything.


The girl in the top-right corner is Jenn.

If it weren't for all of the really bad goals that I let in, I would have been doing pretty well ;)

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