Sunday, November 12, 2006


I Didn't Watch, But...

...did we just lose to St. Louis? It was Stempniak, wasn't it? I just know it was.

So I guess I can watch again? Not that I want to, mind you.


You were thinking about the game, weren't you?

Obviously you're not doing something right, Andy.

And yes, it was Stempniak or whatever his name is?

On the bright side Winchester now has as many goals as Horcoff and Torres combined.

Wait a second.

Not so good.

It was Markannen the human sieve that cost us. Well, that and the complete invisibility of Torres/Lupal/Smyth for huge chunks of the game. Stoll and Sykora didn't play all that great either.

Hemsky was at least shooting the puck, and Shotgun came damn close to a hat trick several times near the end of the game. Thoresen made several great plays as well, including a timely pair of blind passes behind that resulting in 1 goal and about 3 other chances. All in all though, its time that the $28 million or what have we invested in the scoring lines starts to pay off.

Oh, and Craig Simpson is fired.

i watched the sportsnet feed and the best thing (other than Winnie) was the highlight of Thoreson avenging Smid during the Jackets game on friday.

that guy is awesome. great to see guts like that.

If only I had short-term memory. I would love not to remember this game. Horrible.....

If only I had short-term memory. I would love not to remember this game. Horrible.....

That bad, again? It wasn't as bad as Detroit, was it?

You were thinking about the game, weren't you?

I did see about 30 seconds of game in the first period, cruising around the channels. But then I stayed on a strict, two NFL game diet. Obviously, it was too late, and I ruined it. I apologize to everyone.

It was better than Detroit, and infinitely better than the two afternoon shitshows in St. Louis last year.

But we still lost to St. Louis again, and the thought is enough to make me wretch.

I liked the little banter the broadcast team had early on...

Play-by-play guy: John Davidson signed eight free agents in the offseason, and not one of them was younger than 29.

[Talking to Ray Ferraro] He didn't call you, did he Ray?

Not that they need Ferraro with that Stempniak kid. (And how about Wideman — he plays 23-25 minutes a night and you never heard a whisper about him.)

I knew it Andy.

I knew it. :)

This team needs an identity.

I like last 10 seasons identity.

The Underdogs.

The team that is not supposed to be there.

The team that defies the odds and beats the Canucks and makes the playoffs in 8th place.

The team that occasionally loses to Dallas but makes it to the show.

This team has no identity anymore.

Too many expectations. Too strong up front. Too good in net. Too...whatever...

We need an identity. Either make a new one or go with the one that worked...

Maybe...the team that gets 50 shots on net every game...every game...

Or...the team that hits everything that moves but doesn't score...

Or...the team that...I dunno...

This team needs and identity to succeed...

The Edmonton Underdogs...maybe.

Well better than the Detroit game for sure. You can't play worse than that. But losing to St. Louis, it's more embarrassing.

anonymous said it...

(insert irony here)

Brewer looked real good all game. He isn't an offensive dynamo by any extent, but everything he does, he does well. Right now the Oilers would be better off with him instead of Lupul and and Smid. I think. Maybe...

Right now the Oilers would be better off with him instead of Lupul and and Smid. I think.

No way. That trade ended up being Eric Brewer, Doug Lynch and Jeff Woywitka for a year of Chris Pronger, plus Joffrey Lupul, Vladislav Smid, a 1st Round Pick in 2007, a conditional 1st Round pick in 2008, and a 2nd round pick in 2008. No matter how we are playing right now, I wouldn't take that set of deals back.

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