Friday, November 17, 2006


Go Chucky

Tonight the Detroit Red Wings franchise, for the 6th time in 6 opportunities, failed to extend a 9-game winning streak to 10 games. Are they chokers, or just snakebitten? Ah, I kid -- because I love (I'm looking at you, Bill).

Kipper had a nice game; Kobasew had a stupendous game; Tanguay made another sick pass for an assist; the Flames did not allow an even-strength goal again (add another 45 minutes to these numbers). The special teams are regressing to the mean - why yes that IS a good thing! It's not going perfectly, but: ...they look good...

For tomorrow, though, ich bin ein Michigander. The Wolverines are playing the Buckeyes of The Ohio State University for the Big Ten Championship and a berth in the national title game, and my desire is for Ohio State to "suck it". Go Blue (and sorry about Bo).


I just got back from the game and it was great. Too bad Miikkaa lost his shut-out in the last minute -- even though the D was so good even Roloson could have got through the night with a GAA of 1.00.

I have one question -- in the first period I was ready to give the guy in charge of rinkboard advertising a gold star because the boards along the visitors bench had a big 'viagra' ad on them. But, later in the game it was a Toyota ad. Admittedly, I did consume some Molsons product in the dome this evening, but did they change the ad? Did I dream the Viagra thing?

I caught the first on the radio, so I can't confirm or deny - sorry Peter.

Even Roloson? Would that be the Roloson who's 4th in the conference in save percentage (.922) to Kipper's 3rd (.926)? Woo, a goal every ten games--don't know how the Oilers are going to make up that ground.

(But here's a hint: you guys are now whooping for joy over individual assists by the guy who was supposed to bail out your entire forward unit.)

Thanks, Matt. It's going to be one motherfucker of a stressful day. I already lost it over at A2Y.

Whooping for joy indeed. That's a pair of assists in 4 consecutive games. 'member that thing last year where Hemsky had about as many assists as the top 2 Flames combined? Not happening again...

Also, even with the cheapie at the end, Kipper's SV% is up to .928. His home shutout streak ended at 214:23. Also, he broke Fred Braithwaite's franchise record shutout streak (minutes) - by ten seconds.

Freddie Brathwaite had the team-record shutout streak? Damn, I'm pissed off that I missed the chance to mock you for that.

(But Dan Bouchard is still ahead of Kiprusoff 20-17 in career Flame shutouts...)

They were outshot yet again though. In fact they've been outshot by 47 shots in the last 6 games, I think.

Also the Flames were drubbed by Corsi's shots directed at net measure (Shots+missed+blocked)62 to 40 last night. If the scoring chances are reflecting the shooting totals, then Matt's "underlying fundamentals" are something to worry about. It's amazing how much their fortunes ride on Kipper's shoulders.

I'm not shrugging here, RQ: in the grand scheme, it's a concern. Continuously being outshot, as well as spending more time in the PBox than the opponent (as they have 10 of the last 11 games) is not something to hang your hat.

That said, I can't imagine a single person watching last night's game would say the Wings had better chances. The score, IMHO, was exactly indicative of the balance of chances and play.

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