Friday, November 17, 2006


Friday Fun Stat

Minnesota Wild backup goalie Niklas Backstrom has started exactly one game this season and has 3 Wins -- none of which were in the game he started.

(Put another way, the Wild are a perfect 3/3 in coming back to win after Manny Fernandez has been yanked while trailing.)


This is completely unrelated, but you people need to check out

The NHL stuff is gold, including categories such as "Whooped Tommy Salo's Pathetic Ass" (subjects are "Dan Cloutier, Puck, Vladimir Kopat), "Mr Lauren Pronger", a very detailed biography of Jason Muzatti, "Goalies Who Got Hot in the Playoffs and Crushed the Hopes and Dreams of Red Wings Fans", "Famous Trade Deadline Coups of the Toronto Maple Leafs", and a picture of Patrice Bergeron that I don't really get, but makes me laugh really really hard.

Oh, and a very accurate summary of the Calgary Flames.

This probably deserves a blog post of its own (hint).

Oh, and it was started by the people at SomethingAwful, so if you have delicate sensibilities, don't read it.

I think that was Matt's post, but I'll take all the credit for it.

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