Sunday, November 26, 2006


Flames Game Night

Flames @ Ducks, 5PM6PM MT, RSN West. The Ducks have 2 regulation losses this season, one of which was to the Flames. I thought the Flames earned that win, but that's not to say they looked like the better team, as they probably did not: they got a couple of early goals, then battened things down and got some nice goaltending from Kipper.

So, they have something to prove. They need to beat a good team on the road. They also need to quit jacking around and create some separation in the standings between them and the Five Bad Teams in the conference (or is it Seven?), so they can get on with the business of stepping on Edmonton's neck and winning the division.

Prediction: Flames win 3-2 in OT (Phaneuf, Lombardi, Tanguay with the GWG). Scott Niedermayer makes a couple of great looking defensive plays, picks up a PP assist, and finishes -1 on the night. Pronger plays a poor game overall (caught looking ahead, no doubt). Iginla (2 assists & all over) is the 1st star. Go Flames.


You know what -- I think Vancouver can officially be one of the 'bad' teams. At least the Avalanche have shown some life, but when you're battling with Chicago for the leagues' 'least goals scored' crown, you're in trouble. The Canucks just don't have any offensive creativity — especially with Markus Naslund on pace for 60 points.

It's a dilemma: I don't want to feed Anaheim's god-complex, and on the other hand, I despise the Flames and would prefer to see them out of the top eight.

Sigh. Go Ducks.

I'm with James - I figured the Canucks had enough top end guys to overcome their lack of depth.

Why I thought that, I don't know.

How the hell is this game tied?

Tell me about it. All those goal posats ... we should be winning.

The good part about two of your least favorite teams playing each other is that one of them is guaranteed to lose. The bad part is that one is guaranteed to win...

and the fourth stringer picks up a win for the Ducks.

McLennan looked great all night though. Can't really fault a man for giving up three breakway goals.

I would just like to pretend the road trip didn't happen and go with your prediction tonight as the actual score.

Can someone hack into the NHL database and fix that up? Bueller?
Bueller? Bueller?

How's this for a note from the wire on this game story:

"There are 20 forwards in the NHL who have played in at least 18 games and have yet to score a goal. The Flames have three of them - Jeff Friesen, Darren McCarty and Jamie Lundmark..."

But Mirtle...Lundmark's playing with grit now so he doesn't need to score goals!!! And Jeff Friesen was good when he played in junior so there;)

I actually felt bad for McCarthy tonight when Parros gave him a little beatdown. He's like the new Buchy in that he loses every fight he's in but on the other hand he doesn't always get killed. I think we can all remember when Anson Carter beatdown Buchy in LA that night.

Tough luck for the Flames tonight...they had to face the Ducks 8th stringer:D I think Brian Hayward was the backup and had the pads on in the booth:D

Seriously though...I like to make Jim Sorgi and Hunter Smith jokes when it comes to McLennan but he seems like a good cat and I wish he would lose all his starts but they would be like 1-0 deals:)

Cgy did deserve better though as they nailed a tonne of posts. I'd forget about them stepping on the Oilers necks though. The difference the last couple of years was the Oilers scuffled at home against Cgy and those days are over and that will swing the difference.

I can't say I thought that the Dys were gonna be awful but I did have them out of the playoffs. I mean how many goals did you think they'd score? And tehy have three pretty good guys on D but it gets ultra thin after that.

Luongo's obviously awesome but that's a lot of years in the league now without a playoff appearence. Anyone got any NBA or NFL comps for a really good player who took a long time to make his first playoff appearence??/

Even though the Five Bad Teams in the conference looks a little like Six right now, I'm still transfixed by Matt's careful description of the Calgary regulation win against the Ducks. "They got a couple of early goals, then battened things down and got some nice goaltending from Kipper." Did Fenwick spend 60 minutes with the video double-checking that one, or has he just written a macro?

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