Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Flames Game Night

Quick turnaround - Calgary hosts Chicago tonight at the Dome (730PM MT). The game is on TSN; that's good news for youwe superstitious types as the Flames played very well in front of Gord & Pierre last season.

They were good but not great last night, I thought. Looked to me like the Flames carried more of the play and had more scoring chances, but the two best players in yesterday's game were wearing the oil drop. Iginla had one of his better games of the season, Hamrlik probably his worst. Ironic that Staios got reupped big yesterday, as Friesen made a classic Staios Face from last season after Sykora "eluded" him on the GWG. (Disclaimer: while I like the Unintentional Comedy as much as anybody, the previous sentence should not be interpreted as praise.)

As for tonight's game, well, a good team at home will beat a bad team on the road a lot more often that not. Whoops, I just slipped. OK, I'll come clean -- yes, I do write those Paul Romanuk "Sports Select Tips" radio ads. Sorry, but I got kids to feed.

Calgary 4 (Tanguay, Huselius, Kobasew, and Jeff Friesen with his first of the season).
Chicago 1 (I dunno, who cares, Jim Vandermeer?)

Go Flames.


Hey! Those Paul Romanuk tips will make you rich - water is wet, the sun rises in the east, K-Lowe paid too much for Staios and other obviousities ...

Go Flames

Nice prediction... I woulda went with Carl Corazzini getting the 'Hawks goal though.

Looked to me like the Flames carried more of the play and had more scoring chances

You must have been really tired from doing all the Dad stuff.

You must also be the guy that runs "Tips From the Tipster" on Fan960 exactly half an hour after all the games he's analyzing have started.

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