Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Flames Game Night

The lads are presently down 2-1 after 20 minutes. I liked what I heard after they went down 2-0. We've been here before. 3-2 Win is the prediction. Go Flames.


They're getting outshot 25-11 after two periods. I almost feel sorry for you guys.

The Flames just stink this year. It's hard to believe, actually.

Here's a question Matt and correct me if I am wrong - I thought I read the other night that Amonte had 18 minutes in icetime and Kobasew and half that.

Is that true?

And if so, why?

Ooh, Mirtle comes out and says it.

And he's an outside party with no rooting interest. A card carrying member of the sixth estate or whatever estate he is a member of.

I get frustrated watching them... the game against Washington, it was so mindboggling how inept they were. The Capitals looked fantastic (which is saying something) and by comparison, Vancouver's offence is far and above Calgary's this year.

And that's saying something.

They got outshot 34-15. Brutal. When do all those bad forward contracts end?

The Flames are in big trouble. Detroit isnt even that good of a team anymore.

On That's Hockey tonight they said there were rumblings Iginla was not happy with the team the Flames have built. Join the club Jarome.

The Oilers started off with a similar recors last year, so I'm not too giddy yet. Giddy, just not too giddy.

On That's Hockey tonight they said there were rumblings Iginla was not happy with the team the Flames have built. Join the club Jarome.

Good for him. Sutter held him back for the past three years. He should get him fired.

How can a team boasting Iginla and Tanguay have trouble scoring? Geez, and I thought being a Canuck fan was frustrating.

Perhaps Detroit just played a very good game.

Detroit has played better lately, but their special teams are still verging on horrid. They were solid defensively on Iginla in this game, though. Didn't he not get a shot on goal until the third period or something? At least late in the second, I think.

Goaltending doesn't seem to be as good as last year, either--solid, but not spectacular as often. Is there such a thing as a Vezina hangover, I wonder?

Kipper was .908/2.82 before tonight.

Good stats for most goalies, but the GAA seems a little un-Kipper-like.

What's Rollie's Sv % and GAA? :-)

Just looked it up:

.916 and 2.41

Oh, his record is 6-3-1. Just saying, s'all.

Rollover's numbers will be less good after tonight, which is some minor (and minor is too big a word to describe how minor I mean) consolation after these Flames left another stinking pile in Hockeytown. 15 shots??? What is that. These Flames are absolutely maddening. We have to beat Columbus on Friday just to equal our shitty start from last season.

Then win 10 in a row to stay even with last year's pace. Seems a bit unlikely now, but it seemed unlikely last winter, too.

Still, 15 shots? These guys are making it hard to love them these days. Is it just me, or does Playfair look confused a lot of the time?

There is something very, very wrong with the Flames presently. They're not even competing anymore.

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