Saturday, November 04, 2006


Flames Game Day

Calgary plays their first back-to-back of the season tonight in St. Louis (6PM MST, radio only). Jeez, when Calgary gets back into this thing, it's not going to be thanks to the soft part of their schedule, which regrettably is now at an end.

I consider myself pretty lucky: I missed seeing the first period of last night's game live. So what I did see, the Flames looked great: fast, aggressive, and by far the superior team. Unfortunately, Noodles' goaltending was craptastic. Two of the first three were stoppable, but forget that: the fourth one was Conklinesque. If the other team has the puck about 18 inches north of the goal line at the bottom of the circle, what's the width of "open" net the goalie has to cover? Five inches? This was not achieved successfully, and we ended up losing a point as a result.

(Also, this is pretty unfair criticism because 7/11 S-O SV% is not that bad, but three times, McLennan had a chance to win the game on the spot by stopping the approaching Columbus shooter after the Flame player had scored, and went 0-3. That's mighty frustrating.)

Fun St. Louis stat #1: Radek Dvorak has 4X as much PP time as PK time; he also has 1 SHG and 0 PPG
Fun St. Louis stat #2: Team leader in icetime -- Dennis Wideman
Fun Flames stat #1: A win tonight would give them the identical record as last season thru 13 games (4-7-2)
Fun Flames memories:
I relive these magic moments not so much to demonstrate that the start isn't ultra-critical, but to point out that teams look bad when they're not getting results. When they start winning, they look better; it's not just the other way around.

I see a three-nil Kipper shutout in my immediate future. Go Flames.


the difference between last year and this year is that the schedule was much softer for the Flames, and Yelle won't be coming back any time soon like Regher did last year.

McGoo sucks
Go Oilers

If the team can build on the final 2 periods and carry that into tonight it should be a good night.

3-0 Flames: Kobasew, Tanguay(x2)

AY least they played NHL caliber hockey last night in the last two periods. Hopefully the Lombo/Kobasew/Tanguay trio remains intact. They were great last night.

I predict Stempniak puts the dagger into the Flames season. There should be a warrant out for his arrest in this province. Bastard.

The Blues have a PP out there right now that has Weight, Guerin, Brewer and Ruchinsky...

Am I the only one who'd find it a little funny if Dvorak came over the boards?

Pretty funny looking shutout by Kiprusoff tonight.


Heh, yeah, the Blues had a PP about halfway thru the 3rd and I was pretty nervous; then I heard Brewer's name on the PbyP and calmed right down. (Thanks, Oilogosphere!!)

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