Friday, November 03, 2006


Flames Game Day

Calgary! Columbus! It's the NHL, on Rogers Sportsnet West! (Or, Ference! Westcott! It's the.. etc.) Game goes at 5PM MST, and is the front end of the Flames' 1st back-to-back of the season.

Two things about a bad team like Columbus (who has already been shutout 3 times this season, and whose 3 wins come against PHX, CHI, and LA):
  1. You ought to beat them
  2. It ought to be fun
As I noted last night (SIX), nothing but nothing would get the team feeling good and headed in the right direction like Iginla & Tanguay going off. It would give everybody else energy and confidence, "...from our goaltenders right out."

Calgary 4 (Tanguay x2, Regehr, Langkow)
Columbus 1 (Jackets SH goal leader Fredrik Norrena (see Leaders table at right))
Go Flames.

*Update*: we already have Jackets blog Army of the Ohio (currently on vacation) on the sidebar, but check out End of the Bench as well. Choice words from the most recent post:
"We looked really good losing tonight." Anonymous Blue Jacket person, talking about the loss to Colorado.

Did I really hear that, "we looked good" while losing a game? Is this what I have to settle for at this stage of Blue Jacket franchise history?
Doug MacLean tells the fans that he has faith, which is fine and good. But maybe he should work on a plan for success in the meantime.

I don't think Doug MacLean would recognize a plan for success if the ghost of Sam Pollock handed him one double-spaced with the key concepts in bold, but all the best to Drew (after tonight, that is).


One goal?!?

I think based on recent performances that you might be giving the team a bit much credit.

On the other hand, seeing as how we've beaten Phoenix, Chicago, and Los Angeles, playing tough against a (3-7-1) Calgary team should be a workable goal.

You guys in Alberta are making me jealous with all the street hockey games you can throw together. I can't get more than two people together to do something like that. I keep telling my wife we should move to Canada.

Take care,

yeah Norrena is one of those guys you can throw out there in any situation

Heh heh heh.

Im down to hopingg for a single positive sign - if Calgary can just do ONE thing better than their opposition tonight it's a step in the right direction.

According to Wikipedia I'm not dead yet, you son of a bitch.

Sorry Sam, I've made the correction. Hope you're doing well. And, I think Drew would like to talk to you.

I'm still positive that the funniest thing I've heard in the last decade was that old-timer beside me at the Game that Shall Not be Discussed saying "That young fella from Spud Island is doing a pretty good job."

Oh, mercy.

I'd imagine that Playfair's gone if the Flames lose tonight in Colu and then again tomorrow night in Stl

They play in St. Louis tomorrow Ooh boy. I'm putting money down on that tonight! Stempniak is gonna eat them up.

The Flames offence absolutely explodes!!!

But they still lose. At least you got that loser bonus point thingy.

Calgary has scored 1 or 2 goals in every game but four this season. Six goals = win. Four goals = three losses.


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