Friday, November 10, 2006


Down By The Bay...

Morning, hockey fans. Here's a look at the Raffi Torres hit on Jason Williams. Yikes. It was one of those hits where you scream "yes!" for a split second, and then immediately go, "oh, no, no, no, no." It looks like WIlliams will be out for a while with a concussion. Oiler draft pick Brad Norton has been called up to take William's spot in the Red Wings roster.

It's Friday y'all! Woo Hoo! Big game tomorrow afternoon. What? What's that? The Oilers game is tonight, you say? Bah, I reply. You heard me. BAH! The big game is tomorrow afternoon, when the Oilogosphere Street Classic resumes. Now THAT is the place to be. I don't want to make any heedless predictions, but I'm fairly certain I'm going to pull off the Savardian spin at least once during the game. And not the Serge Savardian spin either. Uh uh. I'm kicking it new school, with a full on Denis Savardian spin. The Hockey Hall of Fame has some video here. At about 3:50 of the clip, you'll see what I'm talking about. It involves holding onto the ball for a good two minutes, lots of spinning, circling, deking, dipsy-doodling, a goal, and some smelling salts at the end. Trust me, it's pretty.

Many thanks to all who gave money this week. There is still one item waiting to be cleared by PayPal, but our final tally is $570.99. Yeaaahhh! I was pleased, and surprised, to see donations come in from so many different places. People in six Canadian provinces, six U.S. states, as well as Australia, donated. Four people from the state of Tennessee donated alone, which is amazing. Either there are Oilers fans in places I had no idea even existed, or there are quite a few fans of other teams who read our site, and wanted to give. I think it's probably a bit of both. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you to all.

I contacted the Oilers by email late this afternoon, and hope to receive a reply by Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, below are screen captured images of my PayPal account. Names have been blacked out to preserve anonymity, but the donation amounts and the PayPal fees are all visible. The final in the PayPal account says $552.12, because that final donation hasn't cleared yet. But once it does, the total should be $570.99, based on what was given minus what PayPal takes off for that amount.


Don't watch the game tonight!

Of course, if they win you know what that means.

Wait a second, have you been shaving lately?

That was a pretty hard hit. I didn't think it was dirty, but it sure was a hard hit.

A lot like the Phaneuf and Regehr hits we heard a lot about around here a week or three ago. I guess the cleanliness or otherwise of hard hits depends on the colour of the hitter's jersey ...

That hit was clean. Maybe the the "classic" should be filmed an utubed it may have better hilites than what the Boys have been giving the fans of late.
I want to see Savardian spins in Ball Hockey the guys I play with would bury me if I tried that. Good luck.
Oilers 4-2, Jason Smith the Gordie Howe Trick.

I thought the hit was clean, but I also thought Raffi lined him up for a 'kill shot' to the bean. Thats why coaches tell you to keep your head up and protect yourself at all times.

I've been hearing in the press for a few years about how hard Raffi Torres can be on himself when he's not playing well, but the last few days have really driven that home.

No wonder MacTavish benched him for a while - by the look on his face in that clip, it's a wonder he could play at all that night.

I don't have a clip of it, but did anyone see the shot of him in the penalty box right near the end of the Montreal game? It was a quick shot, but I swear he was sitting with his head in his hands, rocking back and forth. Sad, sad sight. Both for the team's sake, and for his own, I hope Raffi can gain some control over his emotions.

Don't watch the game tonight!

Of course, if they win you know what that means.

Wait a second, have you been shaving lately?

I won't be. No preview, either. Beard mojo is the next step.

by the look on his face

Am I the only guy who thinks Raffi's normal look on face is crazed? He always appears to be staring at the Bus that is about to hit him. Is Raffi's look in the BoA glossary?

No, but the "Raffi Torres Face" likely should be.

Nice work Andy. It will be interesting to see if the Oilers HO wants to touch this one, but even if you have to just go straight to the CNIB I think everyone who donated will be very impressed at your efforts. The oilogosphere and all its little Oilogosherians are standing up and chanting ANNNDY! ANNNDY! ANNNDY!

Andy, I presume you're not watching.

They've scored three goals.

I sent you an email last night - did you get it?

I did not get it, pat. I'll look again, though. Sometimes Gmail goofs ups.

I haven't seen anything. Shhh. Don't tell me.

For fuck's sakes - changed to the beta version and now apparently I can't post as myself.

Our mail server was down last night at work so if you didn't get it let me know.

Stay away from the TV - 4 now.

They may even score on the PP.

Oh, I guess I can.

You're watching the game, right?

I'm not but sounds like the Jackets took the Oilers' lunch money or something.

Thoresen - fight.

Lupul - fight.

I think the Oilers have four because the Jackets are in shock.

Plus they're shit.

On page 2 of the PayPal pages that you provided, there are 2 $15.00 donations. One was charged a fee of $0.99 for a net of $14.01 and the other was charged a fee of $1.14 - $0.01 more than a $20 donation would cost.

Any idea why? I know it's only $0.15, but still... btw thanks for posting that.

Is that what you call a workmanlike victory?

And the guy who leads the team to victory to break out of a slump?

M. Smyth.

Any idea why? I know it's only $0.15, but still... btw thanks for posting that.

Good question. I hadn't noticed that. The answer is that one amount came from within Canada, and the other came from, um, Australia. :)

The fee detail tells me that 99 cents is the basic fee on $15, but that an additional 15 cent "cross-border fee" was levied on the one $15 dollar amount by PayPal.

Thanks for pointing that out!

Pat, I didn't get your email. I'll try you.

Did we win, btw? I dont even know! I went and saw Stranger Than Fiction tonight. May be the best movie I've ever seen. I will be on the internet immediately, expressing my delight throughout thw world.

What the fuck? I send expensive money and just because it comes from further away they take more? I'm only pissed because my sister demanded I cough up the paypal money for that donation. She won.

Sorry, Jordi. But it's only 15 cents. :)

And that pic of Roli has me freeeaaaaked.

That's 17 Australian cents! (though we dont have any one or two cents) Either way, it hurts to think that there's something wrong with my money. I keep it clean!

That picture of Roli freaks me too. But I'm figuring out something amazing to replace it with. For now I'll just scare people. Like normal.

Torres should've been beating his head off the bench after that penalty in Mtl. MacT had cut the lines down to three and somehow 14 get the nod over 26 and then Raffi goes and takes a penalty 200 feet away from his own net in the last minute of reg. I mean that's as emptyheaded of a penalty as I've seen. And Raffi's not a kid anymore either...he's got close to 200 career games by now doesn't he.

Fast forward to last night and I think it was his second shift and puck was thrown up around his wing and he flubbed the breakout chip twice in a row and the second one was a tee shot for Hainsey.

The guy is hard on himself and she should be. He had a huge early opp with cherry min with 71/83 and he blew that and now he's only playing in the top nine because MacT really likes him.

Overall for this game I wanted a 5-1 score. The Oil should be blowing out teams like this ands especially when the opp's playing the second half of a BTB. But for as good as the final score looked I wonder if he didn't turn on Roli's glove save on Modin early on. Hedja's just made an ill advised pinch on the left boards and CBJ roared out and Modin went down the wing and leaned into one and this guy has easily one of the top 10 hardest shots in the game. Roli stopped it and the Oilers got past another poor first period start and were off to the races.

Interesting that Petersen played centre for 71/83 but 71 still took the majority of the draws for that line. Petersen must be a really poor faceoff man. He was having fun out there with the boys though...making creative passes and trying different things. I don't know if he's gonna stay in the top 12 but I hope he sticks around at least as an extra because he seems to have a great attitude and really does a good job in the N and D zones.

94-10-34 were back together and working nicely together as well. I think the Oilers are getting closer in terms of what can work both chemistry and matchup wise. 5 played a tonne of minutes for someone who missed a chunk after a big hit and it was one of thsoe gmaes where I found myself wondering just how good he's gonna be in two or three years. He doesn't belong on a Cup contending team least not playing more than 15 min.

28 was back with a fierce forecheck and that's a damn fine 4th line we have right now. I know you'll win with your best players and 26 isn't that but man he's putting together a good stretch right now.

"The guy is hard on himself and she should be."

Typo? Or Freudian slip?

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