Friday, October 27, 2006


"..various photos, jerseys, and other mementos.."

Friday Depressing Link: McCarty to auction Stanley Cup rings



I can't help but be simulatenously sad and baffled. Regardless of circumstances, it always really strikes me when people who make that much still manage to dig themselves into massive holes of debt.

Ahhhh, Cosh. Always the one to see the rainbow through the clouds.

Where the hell was his agent and the NHLPA in all this? $6.2 million in debt? I know he's a grown man who made his bed, but that is just crazy. The loss of the rings must be killer.

Nice new photo, Mr. Grabia. You Oilers jacknut.

Better see some good photos from this weekend, Edmontonios. I'll be indoors in Toronto writing spec scripts for my new phantasy career.

The book on Covered in Oil's Pleasure motors: pretty good in net; weak puckhandling skills.

doesnt the tale go that he was paying more per month in alimony than he was making? so then compounding living expenses on top of that, he went broke really fast? i was living in calgary last spring (sick) and that was the story i was told as though it were truth. apparently he took a pay cut with the flames within the last couple of seasons, and his alimony was based on a far higher salary, assumedly from the detroit days. so yeah, that's just what i've heard.

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