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It appears that Bobby Clarke will soon--finally--be gone. Too bad for Flyers fans it didn't happen eight years ago.

***Update*** Hitch and Clarke are gone, with Paul Holmgren in as GM. I feel bad for Hitch. He got a raw deal.


Considering Hitch was fired eight games into a three-year contract, I'd say he has a lot to console himself with in this "raw deal."

True, and it's not as if he'll be out of work for long. Philadelphia just turned out to be a bad situation for Hitchcock to get into.

True, but there is still some--albeit a minor amount--stigma from getting fired, isn't there?

I like that either Ed Snider or the TSN guys decided to capitalize "Ultimate Flyer," as if Bobby Clarke was going to gorilla press "Macho Man" Randy Carlyle or something.

Andy, I'd suspect that Clarke's personnel decisions post-lockout, like signing slow footed clutch and grab types, will be seen by most as the primary cause of the decline in Philly. Hitchcock will probably get a free pass with any potential future employers.

I heard on one of the telecasts this weekend that Hitch's contract wasn't guaranteed in case of firing.

I think the prevailing opinion will be that Hitch is a successful coach that got handed an ill-conceived team and that Clarke was mostly to blame for the current state of the team.

Garrett Wang was looking to bolster the offence on the Island. Any news on whether he's signed Clarke? He'd fit well with Yashin.

I also suspect that Hitch will wriggle off the hook, even though (a) it's hard from inside Edmonton to get a good read on the rep of an Edmonton guy, and (b) given that he has a high reputation, I suspect he's overrated. Micromanagers usually are.

Nah Andy. Coachs are hired to be fired as they say. Happens to each and every one unless you're Scott Bowman, Al Arbour or Glen Sather. I think even Dick Irvin Sr. got fired.

Not sure why the extension though - he is the type to wear thin I think.

Am I the only one with thinks that Hitchcock is: a) a one note coach and b) overrated on how he delivers that one note?

The NHL has passed Hitchcock by, there may be more gigs but I'd predict a series of short stints each less successful till finally he's smiling at us from the pundit benches on TSN/Sportsnet.

I wouldn't be all that surprised, actually, if he was retained to play the Roger Nielson '84 role for the Oilers (i.e., video-scouting on the sly while theoretically "between jobs").

Or that Gretzky begs him to take over for him. There will be a World's role open now as well, no, since Habscheid is coaching in Boston?

Maybe, but remember, Dave King just lost the Magnitogorsk job...

cynical joe - Just as Hitch had to lose weight to get an NHL job, he would have to lose more to get a TV gig.


mo: Thats why God gave us sport jackets and high desks and low chairs.

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