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Simulacra & Simulation

Sorry to cut into Flames time, but I really have to let people in Canada know that they should keep an eye on The Score over the next 24 hours. They've done a segment concerning the tilt tomorrow between the Ducks and the Oil, and have interviewed a bunch of the Oilers about Chris Pronger. What is so surreal/absurd/insane about the whole thing is that Christie Chorley is the one doing all the interviewing. The questioning is all centered around why Pronger left, how the Oilers feel about him, and how they feel about family. Yet no one even bats an eye during their interviews with her. Not even the slightest "wink-wink." Everyone stays in character, dutifully playing along with the idea that this reporter is searching for answers to questions that haven't already been asked and answered. She also does the voice over commentary, and even talks about the "swirling rumours around Pronger's departure." But she never lets on that much of the swirling was occurring around her frame (wrongly, I should add). I don't know how I can possibly begin to describe the confused feelings it aroused in me. She conducted the entire segment without even the tiniest hint or admission that she was a part of the whole episode. Did I just witness an example of extraordinary journalism, or a visual lecture in postmodernism? Was she negating her involvement out of a desire to be objective, or because "Chris Pronger's Christie Chorley" is but an imitation of the "real Christie Chorley", and to recognize the copy only leads to a distortion and eventual destruction of the original? At this point, I really don't know the answer. But I'm pretty sure that Baudrillard would have had a field day watching that segment, considering the backstory behind it.


Any more Baudrillard and I'm outta here for good.


I think I saw a bit of it but didn't catch that she was the interviewer.

Is that the one where they asked Horcoff if he'd give Pronger an elbow in the head for the fans of Edmonton?

Is that the one where they asked Horcoff if he'd give Pronger an elbow in the head for the fans of Edmonton?

I don't think so. They show MacT, Smytty, Staois, Gator and Raffi. Raffi sounds like he really misses his party buddy. I'm sure they'll show it every half hour from 1 a.m. til Noon tomorrow. If you don't know who she is, it's just another file. But if you do know, it's really strange.

I should also note that Smytty inadvertently reveals that Mrs. Pronger didn't live here all year last year. We all knew it, but it's the first time I remember hearing a player actually admit it. He said more in ten seconds than Pronger did in that entire, excrutiatingly painful press conference.

Bizarre... I'm going to look for it, but I had the same creepy No feeling during last nights post-game on the Score when Christie mentioned 'next up, Chris Pronger, and Anaheim' without batting an eye. I'm not buying it, there is an element of truth in every rumor, and that outfit she had on last night was hideous.

An element of truth in every rumour, huh?

I heard theDrizzler had Lauren Pronger's lovechild, and that's why they left town.

Please. Sometimes when there's smoke there's fire, but sometimes it's just somebody who's not careful enough with their spliff.

I saw a part of the segment and I don't see why Chorley would bother acknowledging it or any of the players would either. In all honesty it has nothing to do with any of them and I don't see how it would affect how she does her job. Sure it'd make things a little awkward and nervous but alot of these players seem awkward and nervous on camera anyways.

I don't know if it's common knowledge out there yet but the reason she's at The Score now and not A-Channel anymore is because her show/segment was axed after CHUM was bought by Bell Globemedia.

Right Grabia, I'm sure she wanted to re-live that nightmare again by bringing it up half a year later.

"Ouuu...I can't believe she didn't bring up her and Pronger...ooouuuu...this is crazy"

I mean fuck Grabia, get serious.

An element of truth in every rumour, huh?

Hey, I just heard that Christie wasn't a very good dresser, and since she's wearing the same hideous outfit two nights in a row on national television, I would say there is some truth to that. She's savvy enough to protect her character on the intraweb, she should at least have the brains to have a change of wardrobe when filming multiple segments on the same night.

And if you keep watching, Cabbie has a segment on Raffi and Stoll that's pretty good.

I'm sure she wanted to re-live that nightmare

Nightmare... or fantasy?

Go to bed mclea.

Yes Sherry, thanks for reminding us that if only Bell had boughten out CHUM a mere three weeks ahead of schedule, her position would have already been axed and Lauren would have let Chris stay!

(Bear in mind even if the C.C. story is false as strong lawsuits have seemed to indicate, the existence of the rumour alone could have been the motivation for the mandated trade request).

By the way, the anonymous comment at the top:

"Any more Baudrillard and I'm outta here for good.


is the wittiest and funniest thing I've read from a poster named "anonymous" on the BoA blog.

Also, the Chorley thing: I think it's a bit shoddy journalism-wise for her to be covering the story if she, no matter how false it is, is a part of it.

I can't believe I'm drunk again.

Down with Gretzky. Goilers.

Definitely ironic coverage given the rumour mill, but I fail to see how Chorley could possibly mention it. Yeah, those nasty rumours that sprouted on the Internet in the aftermath of Pronger's trade "request"...those same rumours that Chris dredged up in the Journal last month...and are completely false BTW. Well, I was the subject of them."

At best she could have said:The rumour mill spun so far out of control, I was caught in the crossfire.

But why go that far? Chorley made the right move by attacking the issue at the time. Why lend credence to the unsubstantiated speculation by repeating it months later?

Journalistic integrity down the drain? Give me a break. I haven't seen the coverage yet, but it seems from all accounts that Chorley was covering the impact his departure had on the team, on the players, and family dynamics. Unless Chorley is filing a report detailing the city's reaction, I fail to see an omission. Where's the revisionist history? It's not Chorley's fault her name came up on the internet rumour roulette wheel. Unless of course it's the modern equivalent of a scarlet letter that she must now "display" at every mention of Pronger.

Just as ludicrous is the suggestion that The Score should have used someone else to interview the Oilers about Pronger's departure. Chorley's not supposed to do her job now because of internet scuttlebutt? Wow. Then again, damages like that would increase her chances of winning any pending lawsuits.

Get real guys. There isn't a way Chorley could have or should have mentioned her rumoured "involvement". That a wildfire erupted? Perhaps. Doesn't seem like that was the point of piece though.

Most scary in all of this...second time within a week I'm agreeing with mclea... Crap... That can't be good...

- Rod

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I just don’t like the suggestion that she shouldn't be able to go about doing her job because some idiot on the internet made up some baseless story about her. How does being the subject of some unsubstantiated rumor somehow make her "involved?” She had no more to do with this mess than any of us, she just had the misfortune of being the target of a vicious lie; so can we please stop pretending like she’s somehow a central figure in the Chris Pronger Vs. Edmonton saga?

Hey Drizzler - nice comeback.

I gotta go with Rod on this one. Why should she have to say a word about it? Why substantiate unsubstantiated rumours? Should she ask Jason Smith if he's stopped beating his wife yet and Ethan Moreau if he's ever been caught whacking off in a closet?

Surreal, I'm sure - I haven't seen the coverage, I don't live in Alberta and am therefore unworthy. Too bad, she's a sports reporter, and her job is to cover sports, not celeb news. We get enough of that shit already, thank you very much.

weirdly meta

Exactly. That is all I really wanted to say about the whole thing. I made absolutely zero claims about whether she should be doing it or not.

Any more Baudrillard and I'm outta here for good.


I need to add that to our sidebar. It beats anything Mirtle has on his.

I saw the piece late last night.

I agree with Andy - it was just odd to see the subject of all the rumours doing a piece on the situation. That's all - nothing deeper then that.

What was even more interesting to me was what was alluded to - Smyth's comment on Pronger's family situation last season, that his family was not in Edmonton essentially, and that it was hard on Pronger.

Learned more in that one quote then we have in the whole time since this happened.

And why Pronger didn't just come out on day one and say that was the reason is beyond me. Some people would have been pissed but as the father of two young kids - if my job meant I would not see my family for months at a time - well, I'd find another job.

Don't want to get into another rehash of everything - my god its been beaten to death - but why the hell didn't he just come out and say it - there would have been anger at his wife but nothing like what we have seen.


Oh, the end of the piece I saw was on TSN I think - it was a pretty funny question.

I agree with Andy - it was just odd to see the subject of all the rumours doing a piece on the situation. That's all - nothing deeper then that.

Thank-you, Pat. Nothing deeper than that.

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