Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Query . . .

If the Flames lose to a Phoenix team that:
can we officially call off the Battle of Alberta? Would it even be sporting to keep going?

And while I'm here: jeez does it ever suck that Ethan is out for the season. That's exactly the reason I don't punch people -- I just so afraid of dislocating my shoulder. I sure hope Traktor is the real deal.

And while I'm still here: a big helmet smack to kinger at always on the road for pointing me to a way to watch hockey outside of Canada. Faaaaantastic.


Would it even be sporting to keep going?

Why not? It's always been a lopsided rivalry, anyway.


ummm... go flames! *snicker* That took me like an hour to type.

This from a guy with four goals in 48 games last year.

You forgot to say "to lead the team over that span".

Earl, you're killing me.

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