Thursday, October 26, 2006


Oilers/Coyotes: Open Thread

Record: 6-3-0Record: 2-8-0

Sorry. Blogger was down for a good deal of time today, and I was out scouting locations and buying equipment for the BoA/CoI street hockey game on Saturday.

Two teams who need to win, for very different reasons. Rock n' roll.

Prediction: 3-0, Oilers. Stoll, Lupul, and Smid.


Oilers 9, Coyotes 2

Lupul, Sykora (3), Smyth, Tjarnqvist, Stoll, Hemsky, Torres

Oh yes.

Woo Woo... T... V... U!

Go Oilers Go!

Where was the hold on Hemsky on the first break?

Who cares. Go Pisani.

Wow, Greene got a point.

ugh...these Phx broadcasters are almost as bad as their SJ counterparts. Still nice to be able to watch without paying for CI though.

Memo to Andy: yeah, Smid looks good, but he should probably be just behind Sparky Kulchinsky in your list of "people I should be predicting to score in an Oilers game."

Still nice to be able to watch without paying for CI though.

TVU quality is best described as watching it on the radio, but yah, beats having nothing at all.


Oof. Well, the Coyotes got their two goals in. Now for 8 more by the Oilers...

Is it just me, or is not offering up real time shift charts, face-off charts, etc. tonight?


geez, except for Hemsky the Oil are listless tonight. Smith just fanned on that clearance.

Dane Cook is having a ball in the broadcast booth.


One of those old Dallas type games where the opp's 2/2 on their PP. Edm's not working hard enough to draw penalties but they're gonna need their PP to step if they're gonna get back in this.

The Yotes have a rook in net and they're the Yotes so of course there's a chance.

jUST how much longer can Horc be this ineffective? He's gonna have to come alive sooner or later. 94 too for that matter.

Is TVU down? It was working fine until it suddenly stopped. Damn, I hope it's working by the second period.

Yep - Horc has gotten away with a bit of a slow start, overshadowed by Sykora, Hemsky, Lupul, even Smyth's big night.

And on a negative side by Torres, Stoll and Pisani.

But it looks like Stoll's line is starting to produce - five goals in the last two games and a period (realizing of course that Stoll has, what, 2 on the PP?)

In any case Horc needs to pick it up.

TVU's NHL channel stopped working but the game is on NHL2. I tuned in just in time for the goalie change.

4-1 now.

Letdown after last night?

Good night and good luck.

I've lost my TVU too. Went to pick up some sushi, and I come back and its gone.

I blame the sushi joint. Just down the road from Jarmoe's summer place actually. His autographed picture was on the wall. And the sushi isn't even that good.

It's on TVU channel 10026.

It's on NHL2. Although you might not want to be watching it anyway, unless you're a fan of the Oil getting spanked to a bad soundtrack.

full panic!!! had to stop watching game after the 4th doggy goal. j. smith and the oilers d looking sloppy. reversion of goaltending to last year? panic!! ...can't take the emotional heartache... ooh...


5 - 1 Phoenix

power play for Coyotes.


yeah not loving this game...

I'm an optimist, new prediction:

6-5 Edmonton.
Smyth (2), Torres (2), Staios

Best third period come-back ever.

Huh. Maybe it'll be 9-1 Coyotes...

94 outmuscled by Comrie on the 3rd goal...21 looking like a total nimrod on the BG goal...bad rebound on the first goal and Roli looking disinterested since he's come in.

Bad times all around.

I'm not watching or listening, thank god. And I thought Blogger was down, as I kept getting Error messages when I tried to comment. But the page kept telling me that there were more and more comments. Turns out it's not working with Safari, but is fine on Firefox.

And people thought I was negative before. 5-1 to the Phoenix Coyotes? Way to become the laughingstock of the league in 24 hours, Oilers. I can see all the national coverage already.


At least Pisani finally scored. Welcome back, 2005/06 regular-season Markkanen! We didn't miss you at all.

By the by, Andy, I covet your orange jacket. Where can I get one?

I just saw this on the Sportsnet scroll. What the fuck?! How did this happen? And most importantly, how long before it's over so MacT can get on with the business of the bag skate?


By the by, Andy, I covet your orange jacket. Where can I get one?

Top secret. I've been hoarding it for a while. The only time I bring it out is when I drop Blue Steel, Le Tigra, or Magnum.

Oilers store.

I knew I should have bought them all.


As much as I enjoyed watching the Oil get spanked last night, I have enjoyed this evening even more. Manhandled by the worst team in Christendom. The Oilers' 'terrifying' offence once again held to a mere 2 goals against some guy named LeNeveu (never heard of him). Rollever pitches a 50% save percentage in relief of Juicy rebounds who was, with 15 saves on only 19 shots actually better than Rollover last night.

LeGG gets an unassisted goal. Has that ever happened before? No, I did not think so.

Granted Pisser got one, but I bet my good friend Elaine he would not get 14 all year and he is still off the pace to do that well.

I will be dreaming of chocalate mountains and frosty golden lager waterfalls all night.

Go Flames.

I don't want to seem like a troll (which I'm about to...), but the Oilers just joined the rarified air of the Islanders and the Blues as the only teams to lose to the Coyotes so far this season (and all three teams got spanked by them in those games)...


Ah, but we still have a winning record. Those at bottom should not taunt fat man on top.

Oh -- and Andy, your Flaming Red jacket looks very sharp. Very sharp indeed.

Go Flames.

The AP has its best deadpan going tonight:

"Then Laraque, not known as a scorer, created his own chance by shouldering Reasoner away from the puck, stickhandling along the goal line and backhanding a shot over Markkanen."

Next they'll be writing about Todd Marchant.

Alternate theory for tonight's escapade: an unholy spell cast by having Nils Lofgren sing the national anthems.

Peter, your leering is rife with the desperate zealousness of a man who does not get to celebrate often. How are the Flames doing down there, anyhow?

Also, Pisser? Are you actually 12?

Chris!, I've happily been celebrating each night this week, so i reckon I'm doing all right.

And Pisser is my own private rebellion against Andy's nomenclature which beatifies all things Oil. And strangely appropriate for a $3 million dollar man with 1 goal on the season (and that sole score against the worst team of the century).

an unholy spell cast by having Nils Lofgren sing the national anthems.

Apparently they are 6-0 when he sings. Sadly, I can't really mock a man who played in both Crazy Horse AND the E Street Band.

Yep. I wasn't kidding.

Well, it's very clever, Peter. Super job.

If the Flames lose to a Phoenix team that:

* played last night
* have only 4 points in 9 games, and
* feature both Owen Nolan and Jeremy Roenick

can we officially call off the Battle of Alberta? Would it even be sporting to keep going?

just saying

Nils Lofgren's still alive?


Also by watching on your computer you can stream CHED if the commentators are too annoying...but I don't think it would have mattered tonight.

Damn it, got to that Grabia quote before I did.

All through the year, the Flames would beat let say St. Louis 2-1 and then the Oiler would beat the Blues 5-2. I would come on here and people would comment that the Oil are a better team than Calgary because they won more handily, even though the Flames were ahead in the standings. So using Oiler Fan logic... The Flames RULE!!!

Pisani scored I see... I have a $100 bet with an Oiler fan buddy that he won't score as many as he did in the playoffs. Well he's on pace for 8...

Oil: 6-4-0, 12 pts, 29 GF, 28 GA, 3rd in NW, 7th in the West

Lames: 3-4-1, 7 pts, 21 GF, 22 GA, 5th in NW, 13th in the West.

Speaks for itself, no?

Damn it, got to that Grabia quote before I did.

That was Sacamano. I discounted the Battle of Alberta as a rivalry in the true sense about three Cups ago.

"Oil: 6-4-0, 12 pts, 29 GF, 28 GA, 3rd in NW, 7th in the West

Lames: 3-4-1, 7 pts, 21 GF, 22 GA, 5th in NW, 13th in the West.

Speaks for itself, no?"

You can try to utilize all the logic you want. I'm just commenting that many brainless Oiler fans would be all over Flames fans saying how great they were after beating a team more handily than the Flames last year. I'm just doing the same, only the Flames handed it to Phoenix and the Oil lost. Its unreasonable isn't it...

Shane Doan: Ewing effect.

This is the only explanation.

Shane Doan: Ewing effect.

This is the only explanation.

The winning streak should be longer without him, but at this point I'll take it.

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