Saturday, October 21, 2006


Oilers Game Day-Red Wings

Record: 3-3-1Record: 4-2-0

We're gonna win, because KISS say so. SHOUT IT OUT LOUD! ALL RIGHT, EDMONTON!!!

Prediction: 4-1, Oilers. Thoresen, Smith and Pisani (2).


Jesus Grabia. Don't you sleep?

According to your predictions so far this year, Pisani would have, what, 10 goals? I'm still pulling for the guy too, but maybe you should take a bit of the pressure off :D

Pisani is the new Dvorak, except Pisani < Dvorak, cuz Radek has 2 goals (maybe 3?) and Pisser has nada.

Go Red Wings. Go Flames.

It's funny that no one notices that I've picked the Oilers to win every game this year, but the Pisani prediction stands out. Since the predictions tend to lean towards my...predilictions...I'm going with #34 all year. Of course, it has entered my mind that I am affecting his mojo by doing so, in the same way that Sac destroyed D-Vo. I may drop it after this game, just to be sure...

Jesus Grabia. Don't you sleep?

Since my house got broken into, barely. I've been pulling the Da Vinci for a month now. Hopefully, I don't lose it like Cosmo.

I'll have you know that D-vo was snake-bitten long before I jumped on his bandwagon.

Of course, it has entered my mind that I am affecting his mojo by doing so, in the same way that Sac destroyed D-Vo. I may drop it after this game, just to be sure...

Agreed. If he doesn't score tonight, then you pull him off and he does score... then you may need to reconsider this whole prediction thing. Maybe just say Oilers win in SO 1-0... every time and they'll start scoring 10 a night.

Speaking of Dvo... did you read the quotes from Davidson when they announced the signing... about how he was the oilers best player in game 7? I was at the game, can't say I agree. In my mind it was all Pisani as far as the forwards go. (though the whole Peca-Torres-Pisani line was looking good).

Speaking of which, why not a Stoll-Torres-Pisani 3rd line?

I agree that Torres and Pisani should be together. Great chemistry in the playoffs. Might help elevate both their games. With MacT, I'm sure we'll see it. Its only a matter of time.

Did anyone hear what the deal was with Sykora on Tuesday, by the way? Was he hurt, or was he benched for the last ten minutes? I haven't hear or seen anything on the matter.

Now this is some quality f**ing hockey!

Email them and complain. Or email the NHL and complain. They clearly don't deserve to do HNIC anymore.

Anyone else feel like we're seeing last year's team's evil twin - dominant at even strength, wimpy on defense and strong in net? While rather than keeping our goal differential up on the powerplay, its all even strength this year. Undefeated at home, so-so on the road..kind of errie.

I loved the bounce back from the Datsyuk goal with Sykora and Lupul abatting a bit of momentary frustration. How about those lead passes from Smid and Tjanquist? Also Staios had a pretty strong game. Hemsky didn't score this game but man that little keep away play he had in the Red Wings zone was the most exciting thing that happened in that game.

Damn CBC decided to show the remainder of the 3rd period of the Nucks game after the Toronto game. What kind of crap is that? Why show a period of one game and the last two periods of another game?

cry, cry, cry. bitch, bitch, oilers fans sure are a miserable bunch.

Fun, Fun, Fun.

Just moved within driving distance of my brothers home theater and it was just like being there. This team is a ton o' fun. Fast.

Anybody know what Moreau's status is? Kind of a freak thing. I'm sure we lose third star Staios for a game or two being the third man in. Too bad. Ethan looked ready to pound that guy. Was it Holmstrom? Anyway. Good times. I love this team.

The who trade?

C'mon Grabia, the game is over, where is the post-game-post?

Staios only got a minor and a misconduct for that late fracas, so there should be no suspension.

Sykora's goal was a beaut, wasn't it? What a pass! Anyone interested sending Smid down to the minors now?? Anyone?

That Detroit goal pissed me off. What kind of a hospital pass is Smith handing out? The Oilers are lucky Stoll isn't doing the Umberglar right about now.

BTW, Sykora didn't play much (if at all) Tuesday after he got run by Matt Cooke near the Oilers bench halfway through the 3rd. It was a big hit and Sykora had a bad hip going into the game.

Glad to hear the lad is fine.

Moreau's shoulder popped out.

He went into the dressing room and popped it back in. Himself.

No wonder the ladies love him.

Are you still up Grabia? Or already up?

I'm up with my one year old. What's your excuse?

Great game last night.

Except for the PP - my first firsthand witness of it (and because of the CBC just the lat two periods) - its weird - if they get it into the zone that they look dangerous and create some plays.

But they can't get it into the zone.

I was getting up, Pat. I wanted to get up before my son and write a post-game post. It was a great game.

I blame coaching for the inability to dump and chase on the PP. They should be getting yelled at for trying to make a move on three guys on the line.

That is weird that the rest of the country had to see the rest of VAN-NAS. I'd have thought CBC would only do that for BC.

Jesus Grabia. Don't you sleep?

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